Please use Firefox, if for no other reason than to keep the browser landscape diverse and alive.

@cstruck Its good, and resisting google taking over the world is good. Also, Firefox is now actively trolling the advertising/surveilance market, which is nice.

@sindastra @cstruck I like to argue that ultimately if we want a diverse range of web browsers we need to deprecate JavaScript.

It seems like most people are not receptive to this...

@alcinnz @cstruck While I think JavaScript is awful, I don't see how it's got anything to do with browser diversity. Mind elaborating?

@sindastra Fair enough!

My relavant concerns here is with code complexity (of the browser engine) & fragility (of the webpages). It is very difficult to implement a JavaScript engine fast enough for modern webpages, and proven impractical to implement the sheer quantity those pages rely on. Or you won't be considered serious.

This is compounded by the fact that a single JS error can break a webpage, whereas HTML & CSS errors can only look ugly.

@alcinnz But now you're talking about reinventing the wheel and recreating the browser- and JavaScript engine. You can still develop your own browser using existing engines. 🤔 @cstruck

@sindastra I am, and others are. But I'd be less concerned if people weren't building their own browser engines than if they can't. Heck, Microsoft couldn't!

I reckon that any software in such a security critical should be easy to audit, but The web's currently far too bloated for that. Blink's sadly proud of their codesize being comparable to the Linux kernel.

And yes, I've attempted an audit.

@sindastra @cstruck open your first tab in Firefox. If you need a new tab, open it in chrome. Alternate between opening tabs in Firefox and Chrome. The true 50/50 split

@cstruck no h*cc that I'mma keep using webkit based browsers try stopping me

@cstruck I proudly use Firefox on any PC I use and on my Android phone. I even installed it on mom's Android devices.

@cstruck Using FireFox as we speak, sadly however the results of FireFox not being the most widely used browser are obvious since some sites really don't play nice with it

@cstruck Ctrl + Shift + M on Firefox also helps bypass faulty websites which love to serve only chrome.

@cstruck I was using Vivaldi for a long time which has much smaller user-base than Firefox.
However, than one guy from Firefox told me, that I'm not helping by that because it's still Chromium at the end. So if you take it from this point of view than the only alternative is really a Firefox. Everything else is just modified Chromium which is developed by Google (not only, but mostly).

Also, you need something to confirm XSS and SQL injections in.

@cstruck Isn't that more of an argument for donating to Mozilla rather than necessarily using the Firefox browser itself? 🤔

@cstruck nah i stick to qutebrowser. firefox is bad and mozilla is bad lately

@khaosgrille What is bad about it? I would be happy to solve any of your issues/concerns

@cstruck I've used Firefox since shortly after the Netscape Navigator days and I see no good reason to change my browser. 😄

@cstruck and try weird browsers, too! dillo! netsurf! links & graphical links! the web can be fun & strange again

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