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Log in with no password... #WebAuthN is a new standard from @W3C, already implemented in @Firefox, with @GoogleChrome and to follow ๐Ÿ‘

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Brief survey of #encryption chat apps I've looked into:

Signal: gold standard, heavily reviewed, metadata quite private, but requires your phone number.

Wire: equivalent to Signal on messaging, less private around metadata, but can use a username. I prefer Wire.

WhatsApp: equivalent to Signal on messaging, but Facebook has and uses metadata.

Telegram: rolled their own crypto, not at all hard to find trustworthy cryptographers calling their work out. Not sure what their state is in 2018 but 2015 was bad.

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I wonder if my family would notice if I installed ElementaryOS on the main computer. ๐Ÿค”

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Now, just to Devil's Advocate myself...

Did you know there are cases where URL shorteners are actually beneficial to user privacy?

Browsers usually tell the sites you visit, where you came from (the referrer). If the site where you found the link is in any way private - e.g. a corp web-mail, or your Very Secret Mastodon Lurker Identity - then leaking the contents of your URL bar to the remote site is a privacy issue.

URL shorteners can prevent that leak.

...#infosec gets complicated fast!

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I work #Mailpile, a privacy oriented project to help people free themselves of GMail and other cloud providers.

My work attracts all the paranoid people who are certain Google is out to get them and is selling their e-mail to random 3rd parties and bla bla bla.

But I'm like "uh, no, I worked there, that's really unlikely."

What a disappointment! I feel like I'm letting my users down.

Mailpile really should be run by a tinfoil hat #Google hater, not sees-both-sides-of-things old me.

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PSA: the mastodon_light theme is lit af. (go into Preferences, then scroll down to Web and select it from the dropdown menu.)

fucking icann. bought my domain for my instance. it was perfect. then namecheap erred out and said icann yanked the name.

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This is important:

"Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software.
Take action now to preserve the ability to collaboratively build software online!"


not sure about you out there, but on the projects i contribute to (and get paid for). we have a nuclear launch rule. "2 person key turn on all prs, if both reviewers disagree, it gets pushed back for feedback and discussion).

obviously being a solo dev this is impossible, but code would be so much better if folks introduced peering systems to assure quality/style/linting/etc that may not be caught by ci.

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FEMA director: Puerto Rico is "running out of time" to prepare for next hurricane season

when your entire engineering team decides to call out sick during major maintenance fml

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@natecull 1999 is still years away. This is all a fever dream in the mind of an acne-ridden BBS kid who went all in on RC Cola and Bagel Bites. Who else could have dreamt up an 80s Real Estate Mogul as President and a world wide graphical BBS that's invading your privacy? I mean seriously... Apple is the richest company in the world? Come'on.

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Loving the QEMU/KVM setup I've got going.

Essentially I dedicate a VM to each domain of my digital life, with the needed packages, SSH keys and configs seperated from my host system.

It makes for a clear distinction between work and playtime and keeps my system clean.

Also, if shit hits the fan, all I need to do is delete one file, and all is forgotten.

Side note, the 'virsh' command line utility is a great time saver! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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@0x40 thanks man. My life it's upside down. I'm taking so many psychoactive meds that I feel incredibly loopy.
Also supposedly because of my illness the state could support me financially, meaning I shouldn't have to work ever again (my illness is for life).. but I want to keep programming and admin *NIX servers.
If no company will hire me, I will connect the 4~5 CPU's (although old, like say, Intel Dual Core... well not that old) and make my own "data server".