@cryptecks I haven't gotten a notification from that in months.

@gudenau It slowed down a bit recently, for sure (as seen in the dates in my screenshot), and of course has a lot to do with your location and Google Ad Profile, but it's a painless way to get Play Store credit, so I'm all for it!

@cryptecks Come to think of it, it stopped when I started using a VPN.

That's probably it.

@gudenau Definitely makes sense, the VPN icon on my LG G6 is just for Blokada, but getting behind a real one would probably kill any sort of data collection Google uses to pick you for surveys.

@cryptecks Yay for using a real VPN I suppose. A good sign that it is working I suppose.

@gudenau Super true haha. I'm a Private Internet Access or Cryptostorm guy, what's your preference?

@gudenau Nice, hard to argue with that server/location selection. Cryptostorm's seppuku/hara-kiri 'pledge' is a nice term of service, so I buy a token every now and then in support.

@tranced I mean, that's what mine has shown on that activity screen for 10+ days now too, but like I said earlier in a thread (Mastondon's only weakness right now), it depends a lot on location, ad preferences, installed apps, etc. I'll take free Play Store credit whenever, personally haha 😂

@cryptecks now that I opened the app, it asked me to turn location history on. Let's see how it goes.

@tranced That definitely has something to do with it, which isn't surprising with it being Google and all.

@cryptecks I've tried to stop Google chasing me. But at the end of the day I use a smartphone with its OS. What can I expect? :yay:

True enough, but it definitely comes and goes in cycles. Not to mention the creepy ones that ask, "Have you ever used Assistant to search x?" when you did less than 12 hours before . . . .

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