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Nintendo's war on ROMs has caused me to just torrent whole archives of their games.

I'm sure that it's working out really well for them.

The Atari ST's keyboard has been refurbished. It is now a joy to type on.

Shameless plug:

The sinking feeling of reassembling a device, but still having a few remaining screws that should have been installed somewhere.

I attended a tech bootcamp in LIC, and recently came back to NYC from Seattle. People out here who are optimistic about the new HQ are wild.

An interesting read, the demo in the 60s that went on to define how we still use computers today.

50 years ago, Douglas Engelbart's ‘Mother of All Demos’ changed personal technology forever

Yay, a half-week of vacation time is now being used.

Maybe the garage will be organized enough so that I won't need to incense my living room with rosin core lead solder.

Damn tariffs are making the Mexican Coca-cola prices go up.

This allows one to draw sprites in browser and punch it out in assembly or BASIC.

I purchased a copy of Street Fighter II for the Genesis/Mega Drive.

The case smells of body spray so badly that it makes the room somewhat unpleasant to be in.

How to use the C64 SID for random(?) number generation:

LDA #$80
STA $D412

You may LDA the numbers from voice 3 with $D41B.

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