At some point my Parabola (Arch) installation has gone into dependency hell, and I am still in process of building my other computer. I am not confident enough to fix the installation without having another computer to back me up.

Oh well, I'll just live with broken everything and just a web browser.

I was bitten by a human at work.

This workplace has seen 7 injuries in the past 30 days.

Time to go back to college, again.

Some habits of late:
-> Using Libreboot x60 and T400
-> Drinking Pepsi
-> Trying to use free software in every device that I own.

Stallman, I'm on to you.

@vantablack I have a second stereo usually reserved for my 8-16bit systems, but with some cable-fu I am able to listen to well-amplified vantatunes.

@vantablack my only regret is that the computer->surround sound aux cable has gone kaput.

@vantablack Improved late-night public transport would possibly put a downwards pressure on the DUI rate. At least my area has been going all-out on building a light rail system that will be nearing my residence in $1.5 years.

But in the end, assholes who put strangers in danger will do so even with wiser options.

I was bitten by a human today.

This is the second on-the-job injury that I've had within ~30 days.

Is this what I would do for a state employee pension? Where did everything go wrong?

@TheGibson mind you, our houses are barely insulated. However, the people around here do seem to flip out during weather system changes.

You should have seen the week of snow back in February, everyone went for a last-minute shopping frenzy for simple produce and toilet paper. Bananas were not to be seen. All I wanted to was simple dinner of pizza with a side-salad.

On the day of snow, I got around fine, Symetrical AWD and that jazz. Everything at the stores was restocked while everyone stayed inside.

Seeing all the pnw kvetching about the heat warms my heart in special ways.

I installed a GFCI outlet and accidentally gave it a real test by closing the circuit with my hand when trying to use the button test.

It worked as intended.

@vantablack Since legalization, weed has been a major economy in my state. Heck, one store even unionized.

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