Why do trash bag manufacturers make their trash bags smell so nice if they don't want me to put my head in the bag?

I finally found a copy of this game that wasn't a PAL version dumped onto the US market after the bankruptcies.

I seem to be doing a lot of my own upgrades because I dislike having my landlord come into my domicile.

I would like to give thanks to the many scene groups of yesteryear for making so many older games available to me today.

I would also like to spare some gratitude for the many obsessive archivists out there.

Sim City: The people want law enforcement and well-maintained infrastructure, but are pissed at you for trying to raise the funds to do so.

I cry whenever I go into an animal shelter, I wish that I could adopt them all.

At some point my Parabola (Arch) installation has gone into dependency hell, and I am still in process of building my other computer. I am not confident enough to fix the installation without having another computer to back me up.

Oh well, I'll just live with broken everything and just a web browser.

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