I finally got my VCR to output Hi-Fi surround with my receiver amp.

Time to watch Boyz n' the Hood

I'm a little thin on cash, so I'm just going to use a 15w combo bass amp as my subwoofer.

I stayed up all night and all I ended up with is a Wii that runs (a fork of) Debian GNU/Linux.

The Craigslist find of the day: a cute little PVM. It seems that I have a little magnetism problem to deal with. Otherwise, the image is rather sharp.

I want to buy a good degaussing wand, but all of the search results end up being crock healing crystals.

I yanked a person who purposefully ran out in front of a bus out of the road in a split second, and I was punched for it.

Welfare work sucks.

folks I WROTE MY OWN ASSEMBLER FOR MY OWN ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE FOR MY OWN CPU sorry it just hit me how awesome that is


when the US government goes down, that means no more enforcement of the rules on pirate radio.


Real operating systems execute directly from ROM and boot instantaneously.

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I listen to a held note idling with a LFO to relax on my day off.

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