I would like to find computer part co-ops similar to the bicycle co-ops that I patronize around town.

My obsession with collecting and maintaining old computers and consoles has become detrimental to my modern computing environment.

I've been using a flip-phone for three months now. The only software I really would like to use are Signal and OpenStreetMap. However, this device has some wickedly-rad MIDI instruments.

I use lynx to browse news articles that won't load without javascript.

How can modern WWW design be so broken that I have to run a whole turing-complete language machine to read a bunch of text on a standard graphical browser?

I have synced my battery-powered wall clock with ntp (with a small tolerance for human error). I'll see how much drift is experienced in 6 months' time.

my top 3 favorite things:

1. the fediverse
2. mumble
3. weed

I love you as much as reasonably possible for a person that I've never met before.

Today, I visited Gary Kildall's grave. He was a pioneer of many computing concepts, but doesn't seem to be credited enough these days.

Slowly upgrading dimmer switches and outlets around the house. The place was built in the 1960's, and re-wired in the 1980's. The worn-out dimmers would cause any type of light bulb to flicker.

I am, in fact, billing my landlord for the trouble.

Why do trash bag manufacturers make their trash bags smell so nice if they don't want me to put my head in the bag?

I finally found a copy of this game that wasn't a PAL version dumped onto the US market after the bankruptcies.

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