On a project manager's safety moment agenda this morning was thinking twice before sending a needless email because of the cumulative C02 involved & asking if they could improve it somewhat. I tried to calculate how many emails would offset a needless missile strike. unep.org/news-and-stories/stor

Oh dear, that little design agency your mate in the village suggested to you, who, as a company director, you angrily insisted we accommodate them owning your domain name, hosting everything because they were such great guys & all while they did your department's marketing web site for a few pints & listen to your entrepreneurial good luck stories, seems to have disappeared. Tough economic times.

Spending silly money at the likes of MailChimp but they're quibbling over the carbon neutral credentials of our web hosting supplier who uses all the same cloud infrastructure as the companies who chose to brand & market themselves as "green" instead of as a "reliable I.T. company". Also arguing for faster response times when they've thrown more WordPress plugins in which needs faster servers, more storage, more energy usage. Won't entertain a static HTML marketing site. .

The IT guy working from above a cake shop (still has a sign up about Y2K & it's not satire) on the high street is telling us we can't have the company we acquired's domain name because that would "break email". Companies, stop handing over your critical IP like domains over to freelancers, back street design agencies & tin pot IT professionals.

Colleague has us order external SSD drives for backup. We just got something back from them with data on. Same case, sure, but the drive in it is an old mechanical one. One of those who boasts about how much they make selling "old clothes" on ebay. Took a look at their ebay history & sure enough... Not just directing home a few biros & paper for the kids it seems.

Just working with an Office365 consultant who insists the domain name has to be coupled with the Microsoft package they manage or it won't work & they would have to set the IPS tag on the .com to transfer it.

Someone with plain text passwords in their send mail script is worrying if the connection to the localhost SMTP server isn't SSL. They're claiming if it's not, the server's outgoing mail won't be secure.

When the boss has acquired a new company, it's all fine to call the web hosts, design agency or domain registrar & say your boss is the new owner, can we, as who will become the new IT people, have access, isn't it? Pretty please? I sound very trustworthy over the phone, why not?

Do you get calls from companies asking you to effectively let their email address through your spam filter because they can't contact their client (your colleague) but they make it sound like it is your fault that they allow their staff to spoof send-as email addresses, no SPF, no DMARC or DKIM in sight on their domain & send through insecure relays etc?

If those 10 spare PCs in a corner of the office, mining for a month at my bosses electricity expense, had made a sniff of a bitcoin, I might have been more accommodating to crypto. Inside the Bizarre Bitcoin 2022 Conference (w/ Ryan Broderick) - Scam Economy #11 youtube.com/watch?v=5qE_o20Ej8

Get bored copy & pasting into corporate templates you had no part in designing the master layout, colour scheme or even logo? Left to set up your own freelance business instead? Spent a year showing your old colleagues how successful your new venture was? Your new car was awesome! I see your CV is on the pile but we will have you back. Better to take someone we know than risk a newbie.

Oh, you didn't listen to advice on using the pre-purchased, managed hosting all other staff use fine because you wanted to experiment, cool & now you've blown your budget because the platform you chose pushed you to purchase a wildcard SSL cert because you also stink eyed Let's Encrypt "cuz free is shit", right?

The week's started well. We comply with GDPR by not allowing Google Analytics code to run by default. It is easier to say no to cookies than yes. Now marketing wondering why the site stats are so low. They hate the look of Analog Stats, Webalizer & Awstats so won't engage with them. so asking if we can migrate that data to GA & send site hits "behind the scenes" so to speak.

A new study finds 3,000 websites on which third-party tracking companies scoop up what you type into forms in real time — even if you never hit submit. This happens on about 1,800 websites for E.U. users too, likely in violation of the GDPR.


(Via twitter.com/random_walker/stat)

Oh, it all makes sense now, the new hire is another family friend of the big boss. Reminds me of the one he got in who we were told worked *at* Google developing their APIs but after they were here a few weeks we found they just worked *with* Google APIs like the rest of us. Good to have connections & exaggerate on CV I guess.

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