My solution: delete the FB and Twitter apps from my phone. Install a Mastadon app. Be happier.

The major question I've been asking myself is: why?

Why do you use Facebook?
Why do you use Twitter?
Why do you use Instagram?

And you know what? I didn't have an answer.

I don't get any joy out of using Twitter any longer, and I definitely don't with Facebook.

I still like Instagram. it's happy. People aren't there to correct your grammar or give you shit.

Those thoughts lead me back to here. I completely forgot about this place full of nice people.

I've been away for a while, and thinking a lot about my interactions with social media.

@ashfurrow Random question: we've been looking at setting up a Mastodon instance. Is there anywhere online that talks about how much resource it might cost to run one?

A question for web developers 

A question for web developers 

Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

@craigburgess Its also interesting to see people using the favourite button as likes. Just like Birdsite changed them to.

What’s ALSO interesting is the subtle language differences and culture between here and there.

I’ve not realised how much I’ve missed the chronological timeline of old Birdsite until I’ve had it given back to me over here.

It’s glorious. Seeing things that people are thinking at that time. I thought I preferred curated algorithm timelines.

I was wrong.

I wrote a thing earlier today about another thing I’m working on. I’m trying to play a small part in fixing .

I’ve been teaching for a long time (as well as full-time designer/developer). It’s nice to start to get this out there.

Serious toot:

It’s nice seeing people have fun and be supportive of each other. I forgot online wasn’t just anger and disgust all the time.

I want to join Is there a way I can be part of 2 communities but keep the same profile? Or do I just sign up again to a different one?

If so, which apps support this kind of thing?

So, then I guess.

My name’s Craig. I geek out on tech, design, branding, BJJ, video games, music (particularly rock and guitar music), fitness, nutrition, weightlifting, reading, writing and probably other stuff I’ve forgotten.

I share a house in Yorkshire with 2 cats and a girlfriend. The cats take up all the space.

I enjoy the odd cat GIF. Actually, if I could spend 24 hours a day looking at cat GIFs, I would.

I sound like somebody from The North in Game of Thrones.

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