Singapore is getting hit with transnational haze again. Not only that, Zika makes a return, with the first report of locally transmitted cases (not bought in from overseas).

#Singapore #Diseases #Health #Zika #Mosquitoes


@gemlog @sohkamyung you have my sympathies on the haze. It's rough here too. It's a sad day when travelling to the countryside is a boon simply because it has a lower air pollutant index (although still not exactly *healthy*) 😞


Yeah, the whole region, covering Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, are getting it bad.

This morning, I read that flights at Ipoh airport in Malaysia (near my hometown) have been delayed due to the haze.


@sohkamyung @gemlog I take it back. It's just as bad in Seremban as it is in KL and everywhere else 😅

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