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Hi! #introductions 

I'm a polyglot software developer, currently working mostly in . Previously I was very engaged in and I've studied CompSci, no degree.
On the hardware side I'm not up to date since I often find it frustrating that you can't just wipe it and start over.
Outside of tech I'm into table top board- and roleplaying and part of a collective that produces a podcast.

Dear Internet!

is shit, has been shit for quite some time, and if you recently used it, and therefor are upset about the policy changes, you've had your head in the sand and deserve nothing but a pat on the back and "We told you so".

Now please let it die in peace. We could do it with myspace, we can do it with Tumblr.

Yours, Corvidae

Current state of hardware and linux: To be able to install the drivers needed for my new wireless networking card so that I could connect to the local wlan I had to plug my android phone in via USB.

So to clarify: plugging a modern, pretty generic PCI-e card in my computer didn't work out of the box, plugging my phone in via USB worked flawlessly... I'm too old for this shit :(

Dear Ansible, this is the stupidest idea I've ever fucking seen. There is a fucking reason for plain text in, plain text out. Colors by default is bad enough, cowsay is a travesty.

I wonder if the next step, after , is some kind of intermittent federation service. Such that I could essentially have my "instance" on my phone and not needing a persistent server to manage the behind-the-scenes interactions when I'm not using it.

I'm sure there are better words for what I'm thinking about, but this is all I have atm, without doing research :P

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Nazi mention 

@bgcarlisle i saw a quote somewhere that said 'if you want to know if someone's a nazi, see if they waffle on the definition'

i probly butchered that, but i think you know what i mean.

How the hell am I supposed to be taken seriously when I can't even spell correctly 😬 😫

Meta rant about discord 

So... people are mad at now too... not at the US judicial system or the way capitalism shapes and enforces the current way that system works... just Discord...

Discord are being big ol' meanies for doing the thing their partners probably are demanding they do to protect themselves.. all according to the current laws in the US.

But sure, I would recommend people to switch over to ... but we have to recognize that most people are to stressed to be that ideological.

I wonder when the job title "AI Wrangler" becomes a term, just like "SEO expert" or something.

I imagine AI Wranglers being people who knows how to do basic statistics for training AIs and have a good grasp of what the latest and greatest in AI is... and these will be the ones who pushes for AI-anything.

"You thought micro-services where cool? Heard of Neural Nets!? You just throw data at it until it fucking does something and I can help you set it up 🤷 Just fire all your developers and hire me instead!"

Apparently people are angry about google chrome requiring .dev URLs be secure connections because it breaks their dev environment...

Who could have ever guessed using a unregistered and unreserved top-level domain would have bad consequences? :O

So tumblr has just gone all to shit now, not just content wise but interaction wise. Just clicked a source link that went to a tumblr account and got a full page redirect to a non-tumblr "dating"-app commercial that I assume it wanted me to click through to get to the actual tumblr site...

Imho is backwards to what would be a good idea when it comes to managing identities online.

On mastodon, instead of having one identity on multiple instances you have a whole bunch of identities across as many instances. I can understand the reason why but I really think Mastodon should support a federated unified identity system too. This, with "instance only" visibility option, would make the "separate but connected islands" infrastructure actually work.

Oh no... all the hot takes on g+ will bring the rest of the internet to a halt 😢

Judging by the roll20 shitstorm on reddit of late I assume there are, for some reason, a restlessness brewing online. Once again. The last time white dudes got this upset online we got gg... What's it gone be this time and who will end up paying the price for it?

Ethics in reddit moderation?

The fuck... is doing noises even tho I have my phone on silent...

Is there any active attempts to do non-birdsite-like sites using mastodon-compatible code? Like an IG-replacement or something more creative?

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I think Mastodon is like Linux 

<sarcasm> This is the year of Mastodon in social network </sarcasm>

I would be so much happier if just all graphics programs just ripped off how works. Especially blender while gestures was still implemented by default!

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I think this is probably one of the most important insight I've figured out when it comes to music production. I should print it out and hang it on the wall in front of my PC:

"People have produced timeless masterpieces with worse gear than yours"

I think no matter how poorly equipped you are, this is probably true.

Is there any usable darknets today that could reasonably rise up to take the place of the open and free internet that the new EU directive (approved by the parliament at least) looks to be destroying?

And by "usable" I mean where you can also access things that aren't illegal and don't risk unintentionally downloading a bunch of illegal stuff because of automatically replicated network hosting or similar functionality.

Swedish election, anti-fascism, #svpol 

Många pratar om det svenska valet som om det finns en risk att fascister vinner. Det kommer de aldrig göra, frågan det handlar om är hur mycket mer lidande de kommer orsaka under tiden de har makt att påverka svensk politik.

Det tycker jag är en viktigt poäng att komma ihåg. Jag röstar inte emot fascisterna jag röstar för de jag tror kommer minska lidande.

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