My tor relay's went offline and needed to be rebooted. I noticed they were off when I checked their status on The hosting provider is cheap/unreliable so I'm not surprised they went offline, though I wonder what I can do to make it less likely or get them to self-recover.

A while ago I installed a MQTT dashboard, but haven't put it to use yet and I wonder that is a good way to monitor server status.

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Guard 1: Halt traveler! You must answer our riddle!
Guard 2: Here we go again...
Guard 1: One of us only tells the truth, and the other only tells LIES!
Guard 2: Jesus christ, I said I was sorry!

My best guess is it monitors the letsencrypt transparency logs for new certificate registrations.

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How did the crawler find my activitypub server so fast? How did it find it all?

What are good ways to visualize network activity over time for a collection of servers?

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The bridge scan service helped to verify my relay wasn't working and it was when I uncommented the ORPort:

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Yay, my tor relay is working (I think). Initially I did not uncomment the ORPort, so the program was running with logs reporting zero connections.

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Interesting post about the strange state of data authentication and encryption in Linux distros... encrypting the OS and user data with the same secret doesn't make sense in a multiuser setting. Also asking for credentials from an initrd whose authenticity is not validated is problematic.

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Kubescape - first open-source tool to test K8s according to NSA and CISA -

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We have a new #blog! And since its boring to check out a new blog without new content, we also wrote a new article! There is a lot of new stuff, most importantly: We have a first beta release of our #android app 🎉

#Funkwhale #DevelopmentUpdate

I deployed a Go hello-world AWS lambda function. The stumbling block was realizing the 'Handler' is the name of the executable.

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I made an issue for Mastodon => GoToSocial database migration, just to start thinking through it and making a rough draft of a plan.

If you wanna check it out, it's here:

Very much need feedback and some help with planning how this would work.

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