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Microsoft has (rightfully) reversed it's proposed policy of banning for-profit FOSS sales on its app store. Thanks to everyone who helped them to make the right decision and support developers making FOSS more available on Windows.


The so-called “clones” problem in app stores is well studied in policy circles. We took a moment to write up the basics of the trademark-based approach usually applied to build solutions for the problem: sfconservancy.org/blog/2022/ju

Heads up! is on track to ban all commercial activity by projects on Microsoft Store in about a week! This is even worse than their (eventually repealed) 2011 ban on for their app store! 😡️ We demand rollback of this new policy: sfconservancy.org/blog/2022/ju

Please join us and by visiting GiveUpGitHub.org/ and while you are still on , adding information to your README that you do not agree with GitHub's policies and monopolized place in our community.

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Over the coming months @conservancy will release guides and stories from projects that have moved away from GitHub. Let's shed light on the damage that is caused by centralizing community development on proprietary platforms.

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Gratis resources often entice & trap FOSS developers into a proprietary gated community — the walled garden of @GitHub. Remember: FOSS faced similar before — triumphantly. We'll do so again if take action now to protect our communities.

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We call on people in positions of power in their FOSS communities to stop using GitHub and stop recommending it. GitHub, as a proprietary, trade-secret platform cannot be the singular development community for FOSS projects.

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We can no longer in good conscience stay silent about problems w/#GitHub's products. This latest effort to capitalize on the corpus of code hosted on GitHub is merely the latest of their many ethical and moral lapses.

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We tried to communicate w/ re: ; they have outright refused to answer community questions on Copilot & took it for-profit. Copilot ignores copyleft requirements; so it's time to GiveUpGitHub.org

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Our Select Committee continues to think & consider deeply about users' rights in the advent of AI Programming Assistance Software, such as machine learning models trained on large codebases. More in the recent committee minutes: lists.copyleft.org/pipermail/a

We are sad to inform our community that Marina Zhurakhinskaya died on Saturday. Outreachy wouldn't exist without her dedication, which continued until her last day. sfconservancy.org/news/2022/ju

We dive deep on licensing & policy so you don't have to! Our Policy Fellow, Bradley M. Kuhn, and outside Director, Allison Randal ( @allison )
are debating and proposing solutions to problems in SPDX this week: lore.kernel.org/linux-spdx/Yp5 lore.kernel.org/linux-spdx/87y lore.kernel.org/linux-spdx/YqC

Have you been wondering what to do next as 's

continues to ramp up their proprietary — ignoring the software rights implications of it? Join our public discussion; minutes from the Committee's meeting are posted for your review: lists.copyleft.org/pipermail/a

This is a win *not* just for @conservancy! This win indicates that federal courts view GPL is both a license and a contract — as we have long argued. The case now proceeds in state court.
Support this case and our work by becoming a Sustainer: sfconservancy.org/sustainer/

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In the ruling, 👩‍⚖️ Staton stated “the enforcement of ‘an additional contractual promise separate & distinct from any rights provided by the copyright laws’ amounts to an ‘extra element,’ & ∴ SFC's claims are not preempted“ by federal copyright law storage.courtlistener.com/reca

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Major Court victory against Friday evening. After hearing oral arguments from both sides, The Judge quickly decided to remand our case back to California state court! sfconservancy.org/news/2022/ma

Thanks for following our live microblog of the hearing on our motion to remand in the Software Freedom Conservancy v. case. It's sometimes difficult to get transcripts from the Court on motion hearings, but we'll try our best and post it to our website if we can get it.

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