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I guess I might as well mention that we started a #librelounge channel on

"We also need organized advocacy, which best comes from nonprofits and foundations, whose entire mission is supporting user freedom." Molly de Blanc on why you should donate to Conservancy already.

Our GPL compliance suit against VMWare is moving forward after two years. Yes, lawsuits are slow.

NEWS: The GPL Compliance suit against VMware is moving forward -- the first appeal action took place in Germany yesterday:

Molly de Blanc, free software superstar on leading the current donor match for Conservancy's year-end fundraising drive,

Curious what we got up to over the past year at Conservancy? We were pretty darn busy! Scroll down and see,

MicroBlocks -- a new beginner-friendly programming language for micro-controllers has joined Conservancy. Welcome!

Legal and Policy topics wanted! If you'll be in Brussels for and you have opinions about licenses, governance, funding or how companies & communities can work together, submit a talk!

Federation and copyleft (or specifically web-enabled copyleft), do they need each other? You tell us! But do it soon,

We're looking for 25 minute talks and leaders for 80 minute discussions on any topic related to use, adoption or compliance with Copyleft Licenses. … Feb. 4th in Brussels,

Got stories about getting your workplace to embrace copyleft or things you learned on your compliance journey? Share your struggles and help others learn from your mistakes! (aka the way!)

Pleased to announce that we're welcoming the Houdini Project, fundraising software for non-profits, to the Conservancy. Free-as-in-freedom software is critical for organizations that are changing the world.

Want a little input on your talk or discussion proposal for ? We can help! Just email proposalhelp at copyleftconf dot org and we'll help you get your idea all polished up and ready to submit!

Got thoughts about Copyleft? We'd love for you to send us a talk idea for the 1st ever Copyleft Conf this February in Brussels!

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