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Right now, 's bkuhn is verifying donations for credit to our match. Spoiler alert: we're close; a few more donations today will take us over the top! Last chance to take advantage of the generous match from PIA & Anonymous

Our General Counsel @keynote2k is joining @Wikimedia, Conservancy's board, and @outreachy's leadership team.

@conservancy I've said it plenty of times before but you can hardly get a better bang for your buck than donating to Conservancy. They do a heck of a lot of good work! Let's help them get that matching grant!

We're entering the last weekend of our donor match with about $4K to go! Help us keep up the momentum to meet it.

A donation to Conservancy helps keep FOSS sustainable and lets projects work independently of wealthy sponsors.

We have one more week to get $5K matched! Procrastinators, now's your time to double your support to Conservancy!

We joined @github, @mozilla and @EngineOrg in an amicus brief in Cisco v. Arista. We argue against unduly extending copyright to cover CLIs.

Here's a holiday: Some are afk, but is closing out our books for our audit for our excellent fiscal year 2016 & working on a upcoming amicus brief we'll join, karen is fielding new project inquiries from new projects. We all wish the best to you!

Earlier this month, Conservancy helped North Bay Python 2017 complete an excellent Python conference focused on Free and Open Source Software for Python. As with all our member projects, they succeed because of our excellent collaboration between volunteers and Conservancy staff to make sure all the work gets done right.
Christopher Neubaugher, conference chair of North Bay Python 2017 encourages you to become a Conservancy Supporter today.

's Executive Director, Karen Sandler, was Chief Guest at Conference in Kerala, India this week. Karen's keynote about software freedom and ethical technology was lauded in the press:

We're halfway through our fundraising match! Help us reach more: tell your colleagues why you support Conservancy.

BoingBoing's Charitable Giving Guide is always sharp, and we're honored to make the cut. Give today to double your impact!

While we were shooting the video we also got this awesome group shot. GSoC is always a great chance to meet up with our member projects!

We're a third through our match and still going strong! Your support helps us offer services to more FOSS projects.

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