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If you are interested in following the work of the Committee On AI-Assisted Programming & , or generally discussing these issues publicly, subscribe to the mailing list where we will be posting our public meeting notes:

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With the increasing important and rapid changes that machine learning are making to our field, we hope this Committee On AI-Assisted Programming & can make recommendations that will curb the corporate interests and repression of copyleft strategies for software freedom.

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Our new Committee On AI-Assisted Programming & will include: @mjg59, @makoshark, @bkuhn_ebb_org, Heiki Lõhmus, @allisonrandal, @o0karen0o, @iamslavina, @NovalisDMT, and @zacchiro.

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Software Freedom @conservancy announces the Committee On AI-Assisted Programming & . The new committee will develop a community response to machine learning tools used to generate code from copyleft

“If Software is My , Who Programmed My Software?” ⇒ A proposal from our Policy Fellow (Bradley M. Kuhn) for community response to Microsoft & 's - & -unfriendly strategy with Copilot, their AI-based programming assistant product.

We've written an open letter to @WhiteHouse to address concerns around the recent meeting about FOSS infrastructure. We believe there should be more of a voice given to consumer rights and not just addressing the needs of Big Tech.

Your home battery replies were wonderful! We're also interested to hear from those who bought a pre-made system - did you receive source code or an offer for source code from the manufacturer? Let us know either way, by replying here or emailing us:

Have a home battery system? We'd love to hear from you! We're keen to know if hobbyists have tried to use their software freedom and right to repair to modify and improve home battery system controllers or gateways. Reply here or email us:

We've reached our largest match to date! $159,191 will be matched, and we've already raised $16,540 on top of that!
Thank you so much to the individuals who contributed and put your hard earned money towards supporting software freedom.

We talked with our one of our board members @keynote2k about why he donates to @conservancy, what he's excited for coming up in the next year, and how he's seen us grow since he was our second employee 🤩

Our work upholding consumers' rights to source
code for works never pauses;we filed the next motion in our lawsuit against . The twists & turns of litigation provides excellent insight into how companies try to deny your rights

Our first donor interview is up with @markgalassi We talked about how free software fits into academia, what got him interested in FOSS and where he sees @conservancy in the software freedom movement.

Your support helps fund our advocacy, supports our projects and provides for our current lawsuit against Vizio:

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Hope you had a great holiday weekend. Our fundraising is making great progress and we have less than $49,050 left to raise before January 15th! If you are in the US check if your employer will match a donation.

Folks have been asking our
Executive Director, Karen Sandler, an Policy Fellow, Bradley M. Kuhn, their opinion of selling based on photos of them (and other contributors). They wrote a critique of the move & discuss better options for funding FOSS-related work:

We're making great progress on our fundraiser and have less than $64,000 left to match. There are plenty of ways to donate, and if you are in the US, don't forget about end of year employer matching!

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Happy Holidays from everyone at Software Freedom Conservancy! We hope the holiday season is bringing cheer!

We just passed the halfway point of our fundraiser 🥳 🎉 🎊
We are so happy to be funded by individuals and be able to represent all voices in the software freedom movement.
Please consider helping us reach our goal by becoming a sustainer

(5/5) Assuring that project governance remains transparent, respects software freedom, & never kowtows to corporate interests of big tech requires care, resilience & constant vigilance. Can you contribute to sustain *our* work?

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(4/5) … Our Reproducible Builds project operates on the forefront of the “software supply chain” — having created the best known tools for reproducibility of software builds. We sustained funding for 2 full-time & 2 part-time developers during 2021 to continue this essential work.
Our phpMyAdmin project has been going strong for more than 20 years! We fund 3 developers regularly in 2021 & we've funded 8 different developers since 2006 to maintain the software. That's long-term FOSS sustainability!

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