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Over the next few months we must draw on the goodwill of our community — that's people like you! We've already matched over a quarter of the $159,191 our donors graciously put up Star-struck. Follow along with the progress of our fundraiser:

👀 … if just 1,000 people renew/become a new Sustainer (at the very reasonable level of just $120/year), we meet the match target — that will instantly double all your donations!

If you didn't donate yet this season ,help us bring and other violators to compliance, and support projects as well!

We're about a quarter of the way to our match! So grateful for the awesome people getting us there, whether $5 or $10 donations, or orders of magnitude greater! If you haven't donated, maybe take a minute to become a Sustainer or just throw in a little to help close the gap?

For , we share with you an update on the lawsuit regarding 's ongoing GPL violations:
Vizio's strategy is to deny consumers their rights under the and !

Please donate now to support our work:

We've administered or funded over $1.7 million of free software development, ranging from polishing UX in @godotengine to @ReproBuilds distributing free tools to make software reproducibility easier for all. We sustain maintainers!

We helped grow @Outreachy to its largest number of interns (133 this year — a 27% increase!). Much thanks to our sustainers and incredible community.

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Advocating in the US for DMCA exemptions and clarifications Enables projects like @OpenWrt [FIXME confirm that's their account] to grow its userbase. Now that you can jailbreak your router firmware with free software legally, — thanks to us!

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Our current lawsuit against Vizio: which is part of our active, public-facing license compliance. This work is more important than ever as companies erode our right to repair.

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Your direct, continued support enables us to do the important work. Here are some highlights from the past year that have been made possible by our sustainers:

So far in this first week of our annual fundraiser, 67 different Sustainers have contributed more than US$22,000 toward the generous match challenge by some of our long-time contributors. Help answer their call and become a Sustainer this weekend:

An anonymous donor passed along: “I support @conservancy
because they have vision & drive to achieve that vision. Their leadership on inclusion and on standing up for , among other things, are sorely needed for the success of the movement both today and in the future.”

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Happy ! We are thrilled to announce our annual fundraiser along with our largest match drive yet! Through sponsors large and small we need to match $159,191 this season to continue our work in 2022!

We were granted almost all of the exemptions we applied for last year! Read more about how you can now install alternate firmware (like OpenWrt) on your routers and freely investigate your own devices for license compliance.

"Vizio isn’t some wide-eyed teen, randomly copying code they found from GitHub without understanding the implications. This is a multi-billion dollar company that absolutely should know better..."

Our Policy Fellow @bkuhn_ebb_org
blogs about 's Group violation of the Affero GPL on @joinmastodon
's codebase; Trump's Group has 30 days to comply with the :

We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the . You can check out the complete materials here:

If you are interested in more equitable hiring practices, we've just a retrospective of our last hiring!

✨ Outreachy is hiring a community manager. ✨ You will communicate with @outreachy applicants, interns, and mentors. Open mailbox with raised flag You will work remotely for 30 to 40 hours per week.

Please apply by Oct 31!

Hey Outreachy alums! I'm writing a grant report about how the last year has gone - do you have any personal successes or anything else *you* think we should include? How has Outreachy helped you in the last year?

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