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Everyone wants to know how developers working for companies can assure ethical behavior by their employer. @conservancy's Executive Director, @o0karen0o, proposes handling this problem in employment contracts, as part of our Contract Patch initiative:

Have you been wondering what these exemptions are all about and why organizations, including @conservancy, apply for them on the public's behalf? Conservancy Policy Fellow, Bradley M. Kuhn, wrote a brief summary of 17 USC §1201 (i.e., DMCA) & its temporary exemption process:

Conservancy filed yesterday three Long Form comments for our exemption requests: 1st exemption is for license violation investigation. 2nd for installing FOSS firmwares on wireless routers. 3rd for increase circumvention rights for privacy research

Is your old Conservancy t-shirt worn out? Do you want to get one of the last old-style vintage t-shirts so you can look old school Conservancy? We have just a few left, available to $512 or more donors. Join now at that level to get one! Details at:

Our weekly chat on on is at the top of the hour at 19:00 UTC! We're asking anyone who has ideas on making our fundraising match this year to come share them! We'll also give a preview of fun fundraising activities coming up in the next month!

We are excited to announce our newest employee: Sage Sharp! Sharp joins Conservancy as our Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion and will focus on our member project. More details here:

It's & we know that many charities are asking for your support on this day. We know it's a tough decision to select among so many good causes, but we hope you'll consider us in your giving plans. Here's a summary of our 2020 accomplishments:

We launched a public drafting process for the DMCA Cooperation Pledge — wherein copyright holders promise to wait 30 days before issuing DMCA takedowns against legitimate FOSS projects (ala GPLv3§8¶3). All policy wonks welcome to our transparent process!

We realize 🦃,🍗(or, for vegan/vegetarian folks like our Policy Fellow bkuhn, 🥗) & 🥧 may have our USA colleagues distracted today. If you're elsewhere in world or just taking a break from 👩‍🍳 duty, join our weekly chat in 10 minutes!

We’ve been challenged by a group of amazing individuals to raise a total of $111,029 during our annual fundraiser. Help us get there & have your donation doubled! Please renew or begin your Conservancy support today!

ICYMI: Late last week, processed another §1201 takedown of a project; we made a proposal for change about how enforcement gets done in … We hope to see this story widely discussed, as DMCA attacks continue.

Our Policy Fellow, Bradley M. Kuhn, makes a modest proposal to begin bilateral copyright powers disarmament in the wake of -related §1201 takedown aggression from & via in the last two weeks:


@conservancy Software Freedom Conservancy, one of the most important organizations in #FLOSS #opensource #freesoftware , is hiring a full-time employee. Remote, not limited to the United States. Really interesting, flexible job description.

Amazing team, critical mission. In an alternate universe where I was putting my consulting on hiatus and looking for a full-time job, I would be applying for this RIGHT NOW. Check it out & boost!

A highlight in election week: Massachusetts passed a measure! Denver shares his thoughts and the email we sent to The MA Attorney General's office with advice for the implementation.

Our weekly "stay in touch during COVID" IRC chat is in one hour — 18:00 UTC. We're going to discuss the difficult situation that DMCA technical measure restrictions creates for , such as the youtube-dl situation in the last week. Join on

You probably heard @RIAA used to get @microsoft's @GitHub to remove youtube-dl, but did you know Microsoft funds RIAA as a member? We call on Microsoft (& any organizations who purports to support ) to resign from RIAA in protest.

Conservancy is excited to announce we've received a grant from ARDC to pursue a new compliance strategy to help people take more control over our devices.

MicroBlocks just released their 1.0 beta! Now's a great time to try out this fun blocks programming language. Congratulations to the team!

Join us for our weekly chat on this Thursday 2pm Eastern/6pm UTC! This week we'll discuss the w/ and our own @o0karen0o.

You can read their draft at , watch their talk from debconf: ,and interview with @FLOSSWeekly:

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