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Exclusive: join us for our weekly community chat on @ 1800 UTC today. We'll discuss important action Conservancy took to fight for software freedom. Only those who show up on IRC will hear about it today; the rest have to wait until next week!

Today at 2pm ET/6pm UTC, we chat! All are welcome to join us for free software chat and flossip in on freenode. See you in ~3.5 hours!

Our Director of Community Operations is leaving us to be the Interim General Manager at the Open Source Initiative. We'll miss her, but wish her luck in the new role!

Got some FOSS news or need a little software freedom advice and/or comradery? Swing by our chat today at 2pm ET/6pm UTC, in freenode, everyone is welcome!

After ten years of fruitful collaboration, Conservancy and PyPy part ways. Good luck with your next chapter!

"Building Ethical Software Under Capitalism" with Deb Nicholson, our Director of Community Operations, from last week's excellent is up, thanks Gnome!

Did you miss the GUADEC edition of "Principles of Digital Autonomy" from @o0karen0o and Molly de Blanc? See for yourself what FOSS folks are talking about! Thanks to GNOME, for posting these videos so quickly!

Got online learning resources to share with your fellow FOSS folk? Swing by our chat today at 2pm ET/6pm UTC on freenode, where we'll be talking about FOSS learning and learning FOSS, including tools for adults and for kids.

This week we're discussing online resources for learners of all ages that either use or teach free software or otherwise support you -- or your child's -- development as free software user or contributor. See you Thursday at 2pm ET/6pm UTC in

Did you miss the Principles of Digital Autonomy talk given by @o0karen0o and Molly de Blanc at this past weekend? No problem, it's already been posted so you can watch it now.

We pushed for another renewal of DMCA exemptions for smart TV's and medical devices. Learn more about it here:

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