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Did you miss the GUADEC edition of "Principles of Digital Autonomy" from @o0karen0o and Molly de Blanc? See for yourself what FOSS folks are talking about! Thanks to GNOME, for posting these videos so quickly!

Got online learning resources to share with your fellow FOSS folk? Swing by our chat today at 2pm ET/6pm UTC on freenode, where we'll be talking about FOSS learning and learning FOSS, including tools for adults and for kids.

This week we're discussing online resources for learners of all ages that either use or teach free software or otherwise support you -- or your child's -- development as free software user or contributor. See you Thursday at 2pm ET/6pm UTC in

Did you miss the Principles of Digital Autonomy talk given by @o0karen0o and Molly de Blanc at this past weekend? No problem, it's already been posted so you can watch it now.

We pushed for another renewal of DMCA exemptions for smart TV's and medical devices. Learn more about it here:

Our weekly chats have evolved, we discussed copyleft, ethics & then racism in free software. Going forward we're going to choose a topic for the first Thursday of the month and host a "no topic" chat on the other Thursdays. More on the progression here,

Join us tomorrow for chat or "FLOSSIP" about projects and licensing in on, 2pm ET/6pm UTC. New folks are 100% welcome in our channel!

Catch "Principles of Digital Autonomy" live, this Saturday at 16:00 EDT, with our Exec Director @o0karen0o with digital rights activist Molly de Blanc at HOPE 💾💾💾

Today at 18:45 UT/12:45 ET, our Director of Community Operations @baconandcoconut presents "Building Ethical Software Under Capitalism" at virtual @GUADEC See you there!

Please join us for friendly chat in on today at 2pm ET/6pm UTC -- new folks are always welcome to join us!

Our Director of Community Operations @freedeb presents at Guadec today "Let's Have Great Meetings!" at 1:15 ET/17:15 UTC. See you there!

Our Executive Director @o0karen0o and the amazing Molly de Blanc speak today about Digital Autonomy at virtual Guadec at 18:45 UTC, hope to "see" you there!

We're excited to welcome the Institute for Computing in Research, a project that provides opportunities for young scientists, using to Conservancy.

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