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Thanks to everyone who joined us in our chat about mentoring today! Homework: How can we fund more mentoring? How can we better support folks after their initial few months? (And watch Byron Woodfork's talk,

See you in 15 minutes! Take a minute to register your nickname if this is your first time in IRC, it helps us keep the channel nice and moderated. 💚

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Everyone is welcome to join today's conversation! If you haven't used IRC before, there's more in here on how to find us.

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During today's chat, we're going to talk about mentoring minorities. We hope you'll be able to watch Byron Woodfork's talk about his personal experience as well as joining us today in at 2pm ET/6pm UT,

This week's Thursday chat will be about mentoring. We highly suggest making time to watch this excellent talk by Byron Woodfork:

Thanks everyone for the informal chat about free (as in freedom) hardware today!

Join us in ~3 hours for virtual chat! 2pm(ET)/6pm(UT) in on freenode. Just general chat today & we welcome your suggestions for July topics. 💚

Join us in IRC tomorrow at 2pm(ET)/6pm(UTC) in on freenode for our weekly chat. Tomorrow is an open conversation -- no special topic. Got topics you think we could discuss in July? Let's hear 'em!

Our Hacker-in-Residence Bradley M. Kuhn
shares a few tips for contributors who are working from home during the pandemic:

Next month, our Executive Director @o0karen0o presents with Molly de Blanc on "Introducing Principles of Digital Autonomy" at this years virtual @guadec "see" you there!

Our member project, Git, will add a feature for users to choose the initial branch name via git init. More in the announcement:

Thanks for another great discussion in on the topic of allyship in FOSS and beyond. Today's book rec on learning to be anti-racist is a whole list,

We're looking forward to today's discussion (at 2pm ET/6pm UT) about allyship in FOSS communities and beyond. Many thanks to Ben Cotton for agreeing to facilitate. Not sure how to join us in IRC? Ping or read here,

This week's virtual chat is about allyship with Black folks in our FOSS communities and beyond. Thanks to @FunnelFiasco for agreeing to facilitate this conversation. All are welcome! How to join that chat:


Reposting again in case you've old laptops/tablets/phones you don't need to help kids without tech during home schooling. I donated one, it was easy - the police come get them & they're cleared/repaired by experts. My one is Islington but please tag similar schemes in your area.x


Thanks to everyone for participating in today's IRC conversation on "how racism is a free software issue" and thanks to Molly de Blanc for leading. Today's book rec is "So you want to talk about race" by Ijeoma Oluo.

Folks who are joining us today might want to take a look here for just a few examples of the ways in which software perpetuates racism that are already known.

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