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We're not talking about licensing or copyleft in this week's chat, we'll be discussing ways to dismantle systemic racism in free software this week. Please join us,

If you have extra time during the pandemic and would like to use it to support software freedom, we'd love to have you! Get in touch,

Today's guests are joining us to chat about Copyleft in a Business Context, check out their panel discussion at

Come chat with us in IRC today! on freenode, at 2pm ET/6pm UTC. We're there every week for at least an hour.

We'll be meeting in IRC this Thursday (2pm ET/6pm UTC) with many of the folks from the panel "Copyleft in a Business Context" you can watch the video in before we talk here,

Today, we've got @CoralineAda
and @DEGoodmanWilson
joining us in our weekly IRC chat on freenode at 2pm ET/6pm UTC. See you soon!

Tomorrow, we'll be talking with Coraline Ehmke in about her talk, "The Rising Ethical Storm in Open Source" Video here,

We're doing virtual chat again this week on Thursday 2pm ET/6pm UTC in on freenode. This week we're discussing FOSS & Ethics, continuing the conversation from this year,

Announcing the formation of the Clojurists Together Foundation, a new trade organization, dedicated to funding and supporting the Clojure and ClojureScript community -- wishing them all the best!

In this week's Thursday chat, we'll be continuing our series on talks. This week is Ethics & FOSS with Coraline Ada Ehmke and Don Goodman-Wilson, watch the talk, & the panel discussion if you want to catch up.

Could Copyleft licensing be just what the Internet of Things needs? We've got @phoddie joining us in chat today at 2pm ET/6pm UTC in today to discuss his talk on this topic.

This Thursday @phoddie joins us in IRC ( on at 2pm ET/6pm UTC to talk about his talk, "Copyleft of Things" in which he ponders an Internet of Things powered by copylefted code. See you then!

We are hiring a technical writing consultant to strengthen our Technical Writing team.

find out more here:

"If you are part of a group that is under-represented in Free and Open Source Software communities, we particularly encourage you to apply.

We acknowledge that our community is not as diverse as we would like it to be. We understand that we are part of the problem.

We want to be part of the solution."
#job #joboffer

Every Thursday afternoon at 2pm Eastern/6pm UTC, we're meeting to chat. This week we're welcoming @keynote2k
aka Tony Sebro who delivered a most excellent keynote at in February.

Our pals at GNOME are hosting a social hour on the first Friday of every month at 16:00 UTC. The special guest on May 8th (tomorrow) will be Deb Nicholson, our Director of Community Outreach. More on past and upcoming events here:

If you are one of the luckier folks who finds yourself with extra time these days and you would like to volunteer some of that time for FOSS, then you may find this list of opportunities to work with Conservancy and our member projects helpful. 💚

Join us this Thursday at 2pm ET/6pm UTC where will be discussing the excellent keynote given by Tony Sebro at this year. He'll also be joining us in chat if you've got questions. See you Thursday!

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