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Just 12 more days to get your gift to Conservancy DOUBLED. Everyone must be able to choose software that doesn’t spy on them, software that can be tailored to their needs and software that respects its users -- and we need YOU to help us all get there.

Conservancy is delighted to announce that long-time FOSS advocate Allison Randal is joining our Board of Directors. 💚

Have you taken a look at the schedule yet? It's chock full of great topics! Ticket sales have been picking up, so reserve your spot today!

Is one of your goals for the coming year to be more helpful to friends and family? Maybe it's make the world a better place? How about both? We asked some pals for advice on talking to folks about software freedom.

Don't worry if you missed the end of the calendar year! For 13 more days, the next $36,837 of support we receive will be matched thanks to Private Internet Access and a group of generous donors!

Our Policy Fellow
bkuhn wrote about why software freedom remains important in these troubled times (We know you care about other things & we do too!) and why he personally donates to
. 💚💚💚 Only a few hours left for 2019 donations!

We love to see the outpouring of support *in real time* as the donor progress bar moves on our site! For a small org like ours, every time you donate it translates very directly into what we can accomplish in the coming year & we have big plans for 2020!

Our founder and policy fellow Bkuhn has written about why software freedom remains important in these troubled times (we know you care about other things and we do too!) and why he personally donates to Conservancy. 💚💚💚

If you get three friends to join as Conservancy Supporters, then we want to appreciate you with a limited edition fun gift -- designed by our talented pal Chris Webber
-- plus new Supporter gifts are tripled now through January 15th!

Tickets for are on sale! Use up your corporate budget, or cross something off your to-do list and buy your ticket today! $200 for professional tickets, $20 for student/under-employed/non-profit. Pls. write to us if $20 is a barrier for you.

Perhaps it would feel satisfying to do one more positive thing before the year ends? May we humbly suggest donating to Conservancy or encouraging a friend to donate to Conservancy? Donating is fun with friends!

Finally getting in some year-end donations, including re-upping my annual support for @conservancy - they're being triple matched right now, so if you're looking to support FOSS (like Mastodon!) with your dollars, they're a good choice!

So there's still 3x matching funds left but only for the next 14 new @conservancy supporters! If you're waiting to donate now's the time! Just 1 day left in 2019! Totally unrelatedly, did you know that December's stressful for folks who work at nonprofits?

🎅 But what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a regular supporter — with an extra large gift this year. 🎁 They saw our match bar three sizes two small, and gave enough 'till it was nearly halfway tall. ☃ Support
now at

Sign up three friends or family members or colleagues as Conservancy Supporters and get a prize!

Are you the only one at work today? Consider taking care of a few year-end donations and then going home! 💚💚💚

Feeling like you want to put some money towards something that matters? Invest in software freedom today -- and get your gift doubled!

Do you like ascii art and fun in the terminal? Well, we've got you covered, just type "telnet 2333" into your terminal. Season's Greetings! 💚💚💚

Going to be seeing friends and/or family this week and wondering if you should talk with them about software freedom? We asked some of our pals for advice! (Thanks Alice, @mako @meonkeys Eric and Abby!)

Have you been waiting for the schedule? It's up! Two or three more additions are coming in the next few days, so stay tuned!

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