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Are you in Portland (Oregon) this week? Do you like chatting with folks about ? Join us at the Broadway McMenamins tonight at 7 for Conservancy pub night! We'll have snacks and there will be non-alc and alc drinks for purchase.

Hi pals! One more pass is available for helping out with the Conservancy booth on Wednesday or Thursday morning at ! We 💚 volunteers!

Friendly booth folks are key! They make people want to learn more about our work. We could still use some Wednesday morning folks at our booth and we have *one more pass* left. 💚💚💚

Portland pals and Portland visitors! We can't wait to see you and your friends next Monday at McMenamin's Broadway Pub! (1504 NE Broadway St, 7/15, 7-10pm)

In Portland OR and/or attending next week? Conservancy could use your cheerful, free software appreciating presence at our booth on the 17th and/or 18th. Booth volunteering is an amazing way to help us grow, so please get in touch!

Ask all your applicants that same questions and don't drift into off-topic stuff during interviews.

We can't wait to see you in PDX for OSCON. Join us on 7/15 from 7pm -10pm at McMenamin's Broadway Pub! (1504 NE Broadway St) before the main conference.

This is a busy time of year for Conservancy's extended community. Loads of FOSS code is being written by new folks (aka interns) and quite a few events are happening -- see you soon!

We thought a lot about how we could reduce bias in our recent hiring process. We hope other folks will find this helpful next time they're hiring too.

Conservancy expands from four full-time staff to five -- help us welcome Rosanne DiMesio as our new Technical Bookkeeper!

Episode 0x68 of Free as in Freedom has: Moly De Blanc's keynote from first annual on 2019-02-04 & then an *exclusive* interview w/ Molly about her intersectional activist approach to software freedom. bkuhn & @o0karen0o give their frank opinions too, of course.

We've got a blog post that explains our views & reaction to 's new program & related initiatives. We're concerned that it (so far) ignores key governance issues for projects related to funding.

On our blog, we discuss, compare & contrast the two primary options available for backporting 's termination provisions to : the Kernel Enforcement Statement Additional Permission and the Red Hat Cooperation Commitment

Nice piece thinking through some of the issues our Senior Technologist Bradley Kuhn has been talking a lot about this year,


We're celebrating the month of May by running the Call for Papers for the scheduled track at OggCamp Please put 19-20th October in your calendar, submit talks before the end of May, and share widely with everyone you want to see at the event! Please RT :)


What's happening with Conservancy and its member projects? We've got videos, blogs, code releases and upcoming events -- all in one handy place!

"When a company tells me they don't have the source code available, I add them to the list in my head of brands I will not buy." @pchestek on source code and security.

With VMware finally announcing its plans to remove the non-complying code, Hellwig decides not to appeal. The VMware case wraps up:

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