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We could not be more proud of our Director of Community Operations, @freedeb for winning the @fsf's Award for all of the amazing work she has done over the years promoting user freedom and making the community more welcoming!

Our Director of Community Operations, @freedeb will speak about Free Software/Utopia: how the movement could be more successful, this weekend at the Free Software Foundation's annual conference in Cambridge, MA

"If Open Source Isn't Sustainable, Maybe Software Freedom Is?" Didn't catch Bkuhn's talk at two weeks ago? Well, you're in luck! The video is up now.

Defining "sustainable" for an open-source project, Jake Edge at LWN wrote up Bkuhn's talk at SCaLE two weeks ago,

Conservancy is now an OSI Affiliate Member. "By joining as an affiliate member, we affirm our support of collaboration to promote the ideals of software freedom." says our Executive Director, @o0karen0o

Attendees at have been asking our opinion of . We've posted our analysis of it. Most notably, the platform is proprietary software, not FOSS.

We posted an analysis of how 's fits into existing ecosystems of FOSS . Most notably, is *not* FOSS itself, but a proprietary software application targeted at FOSS developers. More at:

From @faifcast: We released 0x62, third in our four part series about our 2019 keynote. This is the last episode of final preparations before we give the talk, in which @o0karen0o & @bkuhn_ebb_org focus on the issue of others using proprietary software on your behalf.

Kids using MicroBlocks to build little robots that are happy when it's quiet and sad when it's noisy. Love the decorations on the boxes -- can be fun and pretty!

Headed to this weekend? We could use your help at the Conservancy booth! Ping here or email events at tix.sfconservancy dot org

Will you be at the @socallinuxexpo this coming weekend? You can catch Bkuhn there! We could also use some folks to help out with the booth -- get in touch!

We are uncompromising in our mission and values, and happy to train a high-potential but less experienced candidate -- and we strongly encourage applications from people who are members of any marginalized communities.

Has Friday got you feeling like you could use a new job? Does a free software job sound like just the thing? Well, you're in luck! We've got an opening *right now* so get in touch,

Do you have a US-based friend who is looking for a work-from-home free software job with a small staff of lovely people? Please let them know that we're hiring a technical bookkeeper!

Do you like and bookkeeping? Are you also interested in a new job with a non-profit that is working to do good in the world? Perhaps you'll apply to work with us?

We believe the free software movement must include everyone; women, men of color, non-binary people, LGBTQ people as well as veterans, immigrants and neuro-divergent folks. We strongly encourage applicants from URG's.

Write up from the First Annual earlier this month, thanks to everyone who pitched in to help make it possible!

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