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Just today and tomorrow are left to help us meet our donation match and we have about $4K to go! Thanks to everyone who has already helped us raise money for our free software work and thanks to the folks who will help us cross the finish line!

Just 4 more days to help us meet our challenge grant and to have your financial support for our work to build a diverse, community-driven, free software future be doubled -- we are so close, thanks everyone!

Folks, there's just 5 days left for @conservancy to meet their 2018 year-end match! I'm one of those matchers and I'd love to ask you to please consider becoming an individual member 💖​

I think Conservancy is one of the coolest and most important non-profits out there in the free software space. They interviewed me about it on their blog!

Great interview with Juan Linietsky of @godotengine re: his upcoming talk about using tools to achieve high quality game visuals.

"I would like to see Conservancy continue to serve as a living example of what true open source advocacy looks like as a challenge & model for other free software organizations." Sage Weil of Ceph, on why he supports Conservancy.

You can't earn money with #FreeSoftware. #Copyleft is bad for your business. Do you think this is true? Then you should come to my #CopyleftConf talk "Using strong copyleft to build a sustainable business", organized by @conservancy #Nextcloud

A nearly final schedule for Copyleft Conf is on the website NOW. So exciting! Talks, onsite lunch, a post-lunch panel, more talks and then discussions that *you* can participate in.

Copyleft Conf friends, we are excited to announce that registration is OPEN! We can't wait to see you in Brussels, where we'll be discussing *everything* about copyleft.

This year Conservancy brought in seven new member projects—four that help free software developers write more great free software and three that help introduce new people to free software. Help us keep growing in 2019!

Just 8 more days to help us meet our huge and generous gift match! Want to help us boost the signal? Add a banner to your personal site, project site or blog -- thanks!

We are so close to having the Copyleft Conf schedule ready to share with you. Registration too is coming very, very soon. Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm!

So close!! If you like our vision of community-driven, fantastically diverse and always principled free software, then we hope you'll support us by making a financial donation to help us keep doing the work to make that vision a reality.

Libre Lounge - Episode 5: Karen Sandler and Software Freedom Conservancy

This episode is really good! Just finished listening to it

The Free as in Freedom podcast returns after a 15 month hiatus! Your co-presenters, Bkuhn and @o0karen0o (Conservancy's Executive Director and President respectively) kick off the return with discussion of the popularity of "pretend" licensing in 2018.

We pay people to work on FOSS and we help run our projects run in-person events -- because *people* are the heart of the free software movement.

"Please consider becoming a Conservancy supporter. Check if your employer offers donation matching as well, which can make your donation twice as effective." Josh Triplett on donating to Conservancy, esp during our match!

"After learning about Conservancy it was like someone had turned on a light in a dark room. It was so obvious now. Of course a project would need to think about accounting, copyright, compliance." @vmbrasseur on why Conservancy?

@librelounge By the way! Software Freedom Conservancy is currently running a fundraiser with a matching grant! They're about 60% of the way there so now is a great time to donate because your donation currently counts for double!

Let's get them to 100%!

I'm really excited about a bunch of different emerging free social technologies based on the ActivityPub specification that make up the so-called "fediverse." @ehashman on exciting free software developments.

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