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Conservancy makes a choice to be non-creepy, despite the overwhelming piles of spam from non-profit strategists, digital marketing experts and sales pitches for creepy lists. Instead? We rely on YOU to spread the word.

Copyleft Conf is committed to providing a welcoming environment where all are welcome. We feel that the future of free software depends on inclusive community events and conversations.

I hope you're planning to join us for Copyleft Conf, the day after -- we're really to share best practices, learn from each other and discuss what the future might hold. Registration opens in a week.

"I got started in free software barely five years ago, and I'm almost surprised by how much I've contributed since then. One of the big barriers for me was believing I could do it at all." @ehashman on her journey. (We're glad she's here!)

Conservancy absolutely relies on its supporters to spread the word about our work to make free software awesome. Here are a few very lovely people talking about us -- thank you for helping us reach new people!

Debian Clojure contributor, Python packager and Conservancy supporter Elana Hashman talks about the fediverse, how she got started in and sustainability,

If you're in the spirit of giving tonight, consider supporting @conservancy at Remember that it is likely tax-deductible in the USA, and for 2018 if you give before the end of the week! Help make sure software freedom and Open Source is !

Real talk, "Too many projects rely on the time of too few maintainers, and those maintainers are devoting too large of a slice of their lives to supporting the projects they love." @vmbrasseur on why we gotta fund infrastructure.

We love processing the software development work invoices of developers. They're the only contractors who attach GPG signatures, sha256sums and the like for all their documentation. Apparently, they're also working on as well.

"Backdrop CMS is a lightweight, easy to deploy Drupal fork specifically designed for small businesses and non-profits." Just one of the projects we welcomed this year that specifically helps other non-profits.

Outreachy had a fantastic & very busy 2018: 2 new part-time staff, an improved website, 86 interns 😀 and even broader diversity. We couldn't be more proud to serve as their fiscal home! Read all about it:

"North Bay Python is a community-driven conference serving local Python developers -- including beginners." just one of the ways our member projects help bring new people to free software.

"Outreachy brings so many people into computing, provides wonderful opportunities, and in the process helps show projects how to be more inclusive." Josh Triplett on why he donates to Conservancy and you should too!

We made the Boing Boing charitable giving guide! We are listed alongside some truly legendary organizations -- so humbling!

Need some sunshine? Josh Triplett gushes about the lovely community and a few of his favorite Conservancy projects ( and ) and why he thinks you donate to our ongoing match!

Nearly fifty projects depend on us for our work to support and defend free software -- a community-driven force for good in the world. Your donation makes it possible!

If you are not worried about the security of practically all your devices, it is only because you haven't seen Matthew speak about low-level vulnerabilities. He believes in free software and donates to the Conservancy -- be like Matthew!

'Free software needs to be supported in order to prosper - and that means that someone needs to be able to provide resources to free software projects without being motivated by whether or not they can profit from the exercise." says Matthew Garrett

Kernel hacker Matthew Garrett, talks about what worries him in free software, what we might want to do about the TV stack and why you should donate to the Conservancy.

We are excited to announce our venue details! For all our pals making their travel plans soon -- don't forget to stick around in Brussels for Monday's debut Copyleft Conf! w

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