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Proud to welcome @ReproBuilds into the fold! They help you make sure your is exactly what you think it is, no more and no less.

Connect with our Director of Community Operations, @baconandcoconut later this week in Seattle @seagl -- she'll have stickers!

New board members are a good time for new ideas -- what do you all think Conservancy should be working towards in the next five years?

We're very excited to be adding Dr. Laura Fortunato and Bdale Garbee
to the Conservancy Board of Directors,

We extended the Copyleft Conf CFP deadline to November 14th, so you have a little more time to send us your ideas.

Following IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat, @o0karen0o reflects on how we can protect our communities from shifting corporate interests.

Our Director of Community Operations @baconandcoconut keynotes at tomorrow morning at 9am, about why official diversity programs are great.

We're also looking for 25 minute talks on everything from getting started with compliance to the future of -- and we'd love to hear from new speakers!

Do you have questions that you don't know the answer to? Lead an 80 minute discussion on the topic at this year in Brussels! Our call is still open through 10/31.

Co-presentations and co-discussion leadership proposals are very welcome. We know that they're a great way to help a newer-to-speaking pal get started and feel comfortable and we are *so* into that.

If you're near Lisbon or Bristol, you can see our Distinguished Technologist, Bkuhn speak next week. He'll be at OpenWrt Summit and then

Our Executive Director Karen Sandler speaks at the British Computing society tomorrow! You can also catch her at which still has tickets for sale.

We're in the back room to the right, ask for Software Freedom at Flying Saucer! Here until at least 9!

And @spotrh (existing member) welcomes another new Conservancy member, @ksonney at -- welcome aboard!

Hello new members, existing members and stealthy jar members at we'd love to see you at Flying Saucer in Raleigh, 7-9pm -- friends welcome!

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