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Our amazing board member @wonderchook hanging out for the final stretch of booth at

Come visit us on the expo floor today! We'll have stickers and companionship. 🙏

It was nice to see so many supporters last night -- thanks so much for coming out and for your continued support of our work throughout the year!

Hi Conservancy pals! We're in Portland tonight, why not join us from 7pm - 10pm at McMenamin's Broadway Pub? It's ok to bring new friends along too. 🍻🧀🥙

For our pals at who want to take notes like @jonobacon mentioned but didn't catch the link for our Etherpad, here it is!

Will you be @CLSummit this weekend in Portland? Catch up with Conservacy folks -- @baconandcoconut @_sagesharp_ and BKuhn are all leading sessions and we'd love to see you!

Attn: PDX pals and soon-to-be visitors: Come hang with us next week! Help w/our OSCON booth and/or meet up for flossip & chit-chat,

Our executive director, Karen Sandler is speaking about GPL enforcement next week in Korea, pass it on!

Xapian, the robust and portable search engine you can add to your own apps joins Conservancy as a member project, welcome!

Conservancy staff member Deb Nicholson talks about Governance this morning at at 10:15am. Or swing by the booth anytime today!

Welcome our newest supporter, @jehb who just signed up at @SeLinuxFest - thanks!!

Dear pals in the Charlotte area, we'll be at the @SELinuxFest this weekend, … If you're in the area, we'd love to connect!

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