The fight for diversity, equality and inclusion is the fight for software freedom. Our movement will only be successful if it includes everyone. RMS does not speak for these values.

Saying goodbye to @outreachy, GSoC and other interns, looking back at how much code's been written and looking forward to some great events this fall with member project communities and staff.

Tomorrow's SpinachCon will be in room 3, one of the upstairs rooms, at noon.

Looking forward to seeing Conservancy Supporters in an hour at Elefantas!

See what Conservancy and all our member projects got up to last month! And of course, the August news will be coming soon.

Our Director of Community Operations @freedeb and longtime @gnome community member @sramkrishna are running a SpinachCon as a BoF tomorrow. Bring stuff you want tested for UX or just show up to test! There will be some spanakopita!

Dear Conservancy pals in Thessaloniki for , we'd love to see you tonight at the Conservancy Supporter event at Elefantas at 6pm!

Bradley keynotes Kernel Recipes next month and @freedeb is keynoting GUADEC this weekend -- plus this has been an amazing summer for code!

Updates from @outreachy interns, lots of events to put on your calendar and plenty of code news in our July news roundup!

Are you at DebConf? Catch our Director of Community Operations tomorrow morning at 10am, where she'll be talking about and utopia.

Thanks to everyone for coming to Classic Pianos for Winterreise tonight for post romantism/Conservancy fund-raising!

Interested in volunteering for with Conservancy? Swing by our booth at today and let's talk about it!

Catch our Distinguished Technologist, Bkuhn today at 1:45 at in E145 for his talk, "If open source isn't sustainable, maybe is?"

At Ignite Slide Karaoke where our own Bkuhn affirms that aliens, insects and beard havers are welcome to be part of

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