Ok procrastinators, it's your moment to shine! The CFP is open until the end of today (November 17th) anywhere on earth, so get those last minute proposals in. 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

Last day to get your proposals for 25 minute talks OR 60 minute discussion topics. Deadline is today, November 17, AOE 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

Live @faifcast at with @o0karen0o and Bradley, as they respond to audience questions about why to do free software as a non-profit.

Live @faifcast today at ! Bradley and @o0karen0o hope you'll bring them your questions about copyleft enforcement, diversity in free software, and other timely topics. osem.seagl.org/conferences/sea

Community conference @SeaGL
is hosting a live Faifcast this weekend in Seattle. Check out this fantastic interview with our Distinguished Technologist and Faifcaster, Bradley Kuhn. seagl.org/news/2019/11/13/podc

AI could change the way we understand copyright law. Got thoughts about how it might affect copyleft, what we should watch out for or where we should be looking? Submit a proposal to by the end of Nov. 17th. 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

NO ONE has all the answers, but gathering folks together to talk about it can help us all get a little closer. That's why we've got discussion slots at ; 60 minutes for 2 people to lead a discussion on a topic they care about & want input on. 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

With great power comes, great responsibility and.... πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ more governance! Let's talk about governance at large copyleft projects at -- submit your talk by the end of November 17th, AOE. 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

New licenses, new leaders, new territory? At we don't fear change but we do want to talk about it! Pls submit your bold ideas -- as a talk or discussion -- by the end of 11/17. 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

Calling all Faifcast fans! Our Executive Director @o0karen0o and Distinguished Technologist Bkuhn are going to be doing a LIVE podcast this weekend at SeaGL. If you can get to Seattle, you'll get to see the magic in person. osem.seagl.org/conferences/sea

@travisfw It's a Conservancy run event so the conference account is this one.

Good morning! Today is your last week day to send in a proposal for a 25 minute talk or 60 minute discussion. Don't leave it to the weekend if you don't have to! 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

Do you know someone who should speak at this year? Please share our CFP with them, offer to co-present with them and/or help them with their proposal. We love to see folks helping each other out! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

@mansr Maybe you should submit a talk about it? I think many folks would like to hear about why public domain rather than copyleft is the right choice.

What does the future of copyleft and license compliance look like? Share your thoughts in February! Submit a 25 minute talk or 60 minute discussion to within the next three days before our CFP closes. 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

Should publicly funded software be copylefted? Tell us why (or how) schools, libraries and local governments should be writing code to serve the public. 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

Got thoughts about the Affero GPL and/or copyleft strategies in the era of network-based service software? Submit a proposal for today (or at least before the end of Sunday!)

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