The Conservancy is hiring a technical bookkeeper! We hope you'll help us spread the word about this unique opportunity to join our small team.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the first a success; the video team, speakers, volunteers and of course, attendees!! Please let us know what we can do to make next year even better.

is about to start, and if you couldn't join us, you can watch all the talks from the livestream on our site!

Thanks for pointing that out. We will have paper schedules onsite and also fix that issue for next year. @LaF0rge @conservancy

is today!! There will be parties and coffee with registration at 9:30. We can't wait to see you and talk about copyleft all day long!

Our Director of Community Operations @baconandcoconut presents on Companies and Communities with @nithyaruff in the community room at at 9:45 up on the 5th floor in UB

We still have a few tickets left for if you haven't managed to get around to reserving your spot yet. $100 for professional tickets, and student/underemployed/non-profit tickets are $15.

We can suggest a few projects, if you're not sure where to get started. :) RT @masoud: "Reprioritize your time for developing free software."

Take-home message from the great keynote by @conservancy 's Karen Sandler and Bradly Kuhn at .

The Conservancy stand is OPEN. Swing by the lower level of the K building at For stickers and stuff!

Our Director of Community Operations discusses the ethical considerations of blockchain at FOSDEM this weekend.

Conservancy staff, Karen Sandler and Bradley Kuhn talk about their struggle as activists to live in complete software freedom, at FOSDEM this weekend. Read the interview here,

Conservancy friends, esp. those of you who like free admission and/or free software video stacks. We'll be recording at & it's gonna be pretty DIY, so we need a few volunteers. Pls mail copyleftconf@ sfconvervancy dot org if you can help out.

Check out our Distinguished Technologist, Bradley Kuhn's talk on "Preventing the IOT Dystopia with Copyleft" also from (actual link this time)

@bob We'd also love that! These are from a conference that finished yesterday, so this is the only place where the videos are available right now. We're looking into hosting all our talks on a free instance but in the meantime I wanted to share these asap.

Check out our Distinguished Technologist, Bradley Kuhn's talk on "Preventing the IOT Dystopia with Copyleft" also from

Our Executive Director, Karen Sandler recently spoke about the "Right Not to Broadcast" at

Heading to Brussels for next week? We could use some volunteer support while we're there, please get in touch! (THANK YOU!!)

We remain the most transparent non-profit org in our community, be they charities or trade associations. We've posted our FY 2017 , which shows every detail of our spending & income for that year, just 2 hours after filing it with the .

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