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Software Freedom Conservancy

Our executive director, Karen Sandler is speaking about GPL enforcement next week in Korea, pass it on!

Xapian, the robust and portable search engine you can add to your own apps joins Conservancy as a member project, welcome!

Racket, the programmable programming language joins Conservancy as a member project!

Conservancy staff member Deb Nicholson talks about Governance this morning at at 10:15am. Or swing by the booth anytime today!

Welcome our newest supporter, @jehb who just signed up at @SeLinuxFest - thanks!!

Dear pals in the Charlotte area, we'll be at the @SELinuxFest this weekend, … If you're in the area, we'd love to connect!

Don't miss Karen Sandler's talk, "Cyborgs Unite!" tomorrow at 10:15am in Prague at

Congratulations to our member project @SeleniumHQ! The @w3c is adding their WebDriver to its list of recommendations as of today, great news for web testing and !

We are excited that has moved their compliance work to the public so the community can work together to help them comply with requirements.

Dear C++ Community: , 's non-profit home, is neutral on vs. ; Conservancy doesn't interfere with our projects' technical decision-making. bkuhn is wearing both advocacy bracelets at to indicate our neutrality.

Save the date: Monday 2019-02-04 in Brussels, Belgium. After , we'll host the First Annual International Copyleft Conference.

Our Distinguished Technologist, Bradley M. Kuhn, posted today on 's mailing list about how uses Fossology in enforcement:

We welcome our newest member project @commonwl! The Common Workflow Language describes computational data analysis workflows for data-intensive sciences like bioinformatics.

Reposting from the FSF: Congratulations to the 2017 Free Software Awards winners, announced last night. @publiclab and Karen Sandler @o0karen0o from @conservancy are this year's award recipients!