Thanks to everyone for coming to Classic Pianos for Winterreise tonight for post romantism/Conservancy fund-raising!

At Ignite Slide Karaoke where our own Bkuhn affirms that aliens, insects and beard havers are welcome to be part of

And @spotrh (existing member) welcomes another new Conservancy member, @ksonney at -- welcome aboard!

At with @genehackwho (current member) is welcoming a brand-new Conservancy member @jmacdotorg - hooray!

New shirts!! Thanks to @chrisjrn for the excellent design! They'll go into the mail for supporters in the next 48 hours. <3 <3 <3

Our amazing board member @wonderchook hanging out for the final stretch of booth at

Welcome our newest supporter, @jehb who just signed up at @SeLinuxFest - thanks!!

Dear C++ Community: , 's non-profit home, is neutral on vs. ; Conservancy doesn't interfere with our projects' technical decision-making. bkuhn is wearing both advocacy bracelets at to indicate our neutrality.

Earlier this month, Conservancy helped North Bay Python 2017 complete an excellent Python conference focused on Free and Open Source Software for Python. As with all our member projects, they succeed because of our excellent collaboration between volunteers and Conservancy staff to make sure all the work gets done right.
Christopher Neubaugher, conference chair of North Bay Python 2017 encourages you to become a Conservancy Supporter today.

While we were shooting the video we also got this awesome group shot. GSoC is always a great chance to meet up with our member projects!

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