🎅 But what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a regular supporter — with an extra large gift this year. 🎁 They saw our match bar three sizes two small, and gave enough 'till it was nearly halfway tall. ☃ Support
now at sfconservancy.org/supporter/

Live @faifcast at with @o0karen0o and Bradley, as they respond to audience questions about why to do free software as a non-profit.

Nice to hear from @outreachy interns, pictured here at with a few of their mentors. Thanks for sharing stories about your linux kernel work today!

Thanks to everyone for coming to Classic Pianos for Winterreise tonight for post romantism/Conservancy fund-raising!

At Ignite Slide Karaoke where our own Bkuhn affirms that aliens, insects and beard havers are welcome to be part of

And @spotrh (existing member) welcomes another new Conservancy member, @ksonney at -- welcome aboard!

At with @genehackwho (current member) is welcoming a brand-new Conservancy member @jmacdotorg - hooray!

New shirts!! Thanks to @chrisjrn for the excellent design! They'll go into the mail for supporters in the next 48 hours. <3 <3 <3

Our amazing board member @wonderchook hanging out for the final stretch of booth at

Welcome our newest supporter, @jehb who just signed up at @SeLinuxFest - thanks!!

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