The Register wrote about an investigation being done on GitHub Copilot:
Our policy fellow @bkuhn_ebb_org
is quoted here about our thoughts on this new investigation. He makes clear some of our concerns and thoughts around these issues.

@conservancy Thanks for taking the time to look into Copilot's legal implications properly.

For scale, here's my elaborate armchair-lawyer shitpost on the matter:

@conservancy I remember people doing cleanroom rewrites — one group only describing the protocol, the other re-implementing it without ever looking at a line of code — just to avoid getting sued, and now the ones who once were prone to sue you for any tiny lapse of an NDA want to use a tool which creates thinly veiled copies of code written and copyrighted by other people.

Just here to remind you that is shutting down. I recommend you move to an instance like or

Meanwhile, if @conservancy doesn't move to a new instance, they're still on Twitter (though the Nitter frontend):

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