Our Policy Fellow, Bradley M. Kuhn, writes about how (like the ) is the best strategy we have to acheive ethical software that enables users to advance other important social justice causes:

@conservancy 💯.

Software freedom is the best way we know to ensure tech remains in service of the people who are impacted by it, empowering individual and collective digital action.

#FreeSoftware #DigitalAutonomy #copyleft #OpenSource #FLOSS

@downey @conservancy I still wonder if there is not an evolution of copyleft towards communal licensing possible.

The TL;DR would be copyleft, but restricted to personal, educational or public interest use. For other uses, "pay a license fee" by making a donation to an NGO of the maintainer's choice (or pay an actual license fee to the maintainer).

Lots of corners to figure out there.

Last I brought this up with FSFE folk they seemed confused.

@downey @conservancy It's as if copyleft was the pinnacle - but open source's success is because businesses often do not know how to use copyleft (TL;DR).

It seems clear to me that the possibility space is large enough that one could map out solutions that cater better to businesses and community alike.

Maybe that's just me.

@conservancy, definitely; I came to a lot of the same conclusions about two years ago, when I wrote a post brainstorming what I'd like to see in future copyleft licenses.

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