Software Freedom @conservancy announces the Committee On AI-Assisted Programming & . The new committee will develop a community response to machine learning tools used to generate code from copyleft

Our new Committee On AI-Assisted Programming & will include: @mjg59, @makoshark, @bkuhn_ebb_org, Heiki Lõhmus, @allisonrandal, @o0karen0o, @iamslavina, @NovalisDMT, and @zacchiro.

With the increasing important and rapid changes that machine learning are making to our field, we hope this Committee On AI-Assisted Programming & can make recommendations that will curb the corporate interests and repression of copyleft strategies for software freedom.

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If you are interested in following the work of the Committee On AI-Assisted Programming & , or generally discussing these issues publicly, subscribe to the mailing list where we will be posting our public meeting notes:

Our Policy Fellow @bkuhn_ebb_org previously wrote about some of the concerns we have around the issue of AI-Assisted programming (such as with @GitHub's ) on our blog:

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