👀 … if just 1,000 people renew/become a new Sustainer (at the very reasonable level of just $120/year), we meet the match target — that will instantly double all your donations!

If you didn't donate yet this season ,help us bring and other violators to compliance, and support projects as well!

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@conservancy Hey. Thanks for all your great work! Would it be possible to get stickers instead of a T-shirt as a sustainer? :)

@forteller @conservancy Sure, pm me your address and I'll send you some stickers (then you can just decline a shirt if you'd like)

@conservancy just wanted to ask, if you could please:

If I'm understanding correctly, this drive supports you directly, as opposed to any member projects, right?

Also, is there any timeframe on when we can expect the independent audit reports for the last 3 years? I use them to know who and in what order to donate to, but I've been really missing that info...

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