OK everyone, please please please donate to @conservancy
! I'm so proud of our work and all of the tangible evidence of it (filed a lawsuit! won DMCA exemptions! expanded Outreachy by 27%! Spent $1.7m on paying people to contribute to FOSS!). Help us keep going...


@conservancy FYI when you click on the size chart for women's shirts you still get the men's size chart (because of course I am renewing but I do not have the current t-shirt...)


@mindspillage Sorry about that! The vendor kept changing their links over the years to the sizing chart.

Admittedly, we *do not* have the sizing chart yet for the new shirts as we're still working with the vendor (you know, everyone's favorite excuse now: supply chain). The sizing charts we just corrected to are for the *old* shirts.

Of course if anyone gets a shirt later and it's the wrong size, we're always glad to send a replacement size!

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