Join us in IRC in two hours (2pm ET/6pm UT) for a discussion on, "How is racism a free software issue?" lead by Molly de Blanc. More on how to join us for this conversation here,


Folks who are joining us today might want to take a look here for just a few examples of the ways in which software perpetuates racism that are already known.

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@conservancy You could use a better host :)

"This account has reached its limit of concurrent processes."

@rubenwardy Oh! Was that the message you got when trying to access or ?

@conservancy! A reload allowed me to see the article. Perhaps it's just overloaded currently Maybe they should stop driving drunk.
Or I guess the non-whites are just children without personal agency according to anti-racists.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@matrix07012 The piece says breathalyzers are so often mis-calibrated that they aren't submissible as evidence, but that people who get pulled over get charged anyway. I'm not sure what point you're making? And somehow the breathalyzers miscalibrate themselves when they see Latinos? That's some advanced technology.

@matrix07012 If you read the piece, you'll have noticed that Latinx people get pulled over more often, despite not being big drinkers. So unreliable technology disproportionately applied to Latinx people.

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