Conservancy has been a 100% remote organization for over 5 years and we thought it might be helpful to share some of the free software tools that we use to do our work. Questions welcome!

A public speaking club I attend started doing their meetings online. They wanted to use Zoom and I suggested #Jitsi. They tried it and liked it, but couldn't find a way to prevent guests from muting or kicking others, so it wasn't accepted. Then I suggested #Matrix, but it didn't prove stable enough during tests. Do you have any hints for us?

The accessibility of Jitsi is a feature, eg there's no admin/participant differentiation by design I think. To use it in a big group, you have to ask folks not to "admin" each other. There may also be timing issues, since Jitsi has a bit of lag on longer sessions. We haven't used Matrix, but maybe someone else here has suggestions?

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