The fight for diversity, equality and inclusion is the fight for software freedom. Our movement will only be successful if it includes everyone. RMS does not speak for these values.

@conservancy So, it means you're inclusive to people with clear signs of autism?


He founded the entire movement. He dedicated his whole life to this thing. You are just little vultures who wait that Stallman falls to feed from his corpse. The free software is just software that has some license with special permissions. No more no less. If you wish to make this thing a political manifesto, found a party and be politicians, not software developers.

@astheroth @conservancy

He founded the entire movement. He dedicated his whole life to this thing.

As much as I respect that it's also counterproductive for him to stay. The political side of the movement cannot be neglected and if stallman truly wishes for a world where people are not obligated to use proprietary software and stand up for their rights as users.

@darth_tiktaalik @conservancy It's not political. It never will. It technological. I could mix free software with ancap. communist, left liberal and nationalist things. Like the weapons, Free Software is neutral, it depends on what you use it or for what you use it. This is the same if you say you will use the airplanes to fight the inequality or as weapon to make your nation great and make your army plans successful.

@conservancy @astheroth I respectfully disagree on the "he founded the entire movement".

BSD UNIX was produced as a free and open source work-alike of UNIX System 7 in 1977. The BSD license dates to 1987, the GPL, to 1988.


Feel free to idolize RMS as much as you want and being wrong about the very real political aspect of software, but it doesn't have to involve the rest of us.

@hypolite @conservancy ok, but Stallman started the thing on 1984, if not earlier

@hypolite @conservancy @astheroth There were licenses before the GPL, like the GNU Bison License that Nethack uses a derivative of.
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