With VMware finally announcing its plans to remove the non-complying code, Hellwig decides not to appeal. The VMware case wraps up:

@conservancy considering how old VMWare ESXi 5.5.0 is (2013-09-22), this is a clear victory for GPL infringers everywhere. Make millions, deal with lawsuit down the road.

The fact that nobody was able to get them to cease distribution of their software the instant the lawsuit was filed to prevent them from continuing to profit is proof that the GPL is basically unenforceable in any meaningful way.

tl;dr GPL protects nobody

Not only generalizing about GPL based on kernel’s GPLv2 but also making a strong conclusions based on one data point.

Thank you. Me and my OpenWRT router had a good laugh 😹


@kmicu @conservancy iptables? Gross.

Also let me know when you figure out how to get Ubiquiti to stop violating the GPL too

@feld @conservancy Counterpoint: I had a good number of cases where I approached a GPL violating company to cease distribution or comply. In all cases, they did (usually they ended up complying). Didn't even have to go to court. Some of the violators were Big Companies, too.

GPL protects my code, thank you very much.

The VMWare case is - at least according to my experience - an outlier.

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