We posted an analysis of how 's fits into existing ecosystems of FOSS . Most notably, is *not* FOSS itself, but a proprietary software application targeted at FOSS developers. More at:

@conservancy thanks for this analysis and explanation. Would it be interresting to use @ToSDR to annotate the "Platform Use Agreement" ? cc @olasd

If there are problematic things community members should aware of in the ToS, that would certainly be good for people to know. Thanks for thinking of it!
@arthurlutz @ToSDR @olasd

@conservancy is there a full-article-text version of your RSS feed? Opening new tabs from a feed reader kills hundreds of innocent electrons.

Turns out the non-text only RSS is tied to the website software, but text only RSS is on our wishlist when we upgrade -- which we hope to do in the future. @n8

@conservancy Are we talking about different things? I meant "full text" as in "the full articles, not a one-paragraph summary/intro".

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