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Supporting Conservancy is an investment in the future of . Help us help more member projects, offer more services, and keep advocating for the issues that affect us all. Become a Supporter today!

Calling all Faifcast fans! Our Executive Director @o0karen0o and Distinguished Technologist Bkuhn are going to be doing a LIVE podcast this weekend at SeaGL. If you can get to Seattle, you'll get to see the magic in person.

Good morning! Today is your last week day to send in a proposal for a 25 minute talk or 60 minute discussion. Don't leave it to the weekend if you don't have to!

Do you know someone who should speak at this year? Please share our CFP with them, offer to co-present with them and/or help them with their proposal. We love to see folks helping each other out! 💚💚💚

What does the future of copyleft and license compliance look like? Share your thoughts in February! Submit a 25 minute talk or 60 minute discussion to within the next three days before our CFP closes.

Should publicly funded software be copylefted? Tell us why (or how) schools, libraries and local governments should be writing code to serve the public.

Got thoughts about the Affero GPL and/or copyleft strategies in the era of network-based service software? Submit a proposal for today (or at least before the end of Sunday!)

We've got a whole list of ideas here but if you want to get into something that's not on the list? Step right up! If you're interested, then maybe others are too! Just step up quickly -- bc the CFP closes this Sunday.

Hi friends! We'd love to see you at this year on the day after -- don't forget to book an extra night in town!

This is your last week to submit a talk to , don't wait until the weekend, do it during the week so you can relax on the weekend!

We are interested in the future of Copyleft and that means we are very interested in hearing from new folks at in February. Let us know if we can help you feel more comfortable submitting your proposal. (

Ethics is an absolutely critical topic for FOSS, so we added a new topic to the CFP this year, "How copyleft fits in with other efforts to build ethical technology" If you've got thoughts on that, we would love to hear them.

Do you have copyleft questions instead of copyleft answers? Propose a 60 minutes discussion to lead with a friend and take advantage of all the smart/opinionated folks who will be in attendance at and get some answers!

We made a minor but important change to the Code of Conduct this year. It now includes this text, "This code applies to everyone -- including attendees, speakers, volunteers and staff." Thanks to the person who asked for clarification!

Not sure if your talk topic is quite right for ? Take a look at last year's schedule or send us a note! (

We extended our CFP for by *one whole week.* You now have though Nov. 10th (AOE) to submit your talks & discussions for Feb. 3rd's 2nd Annual Copyleft Conf in Brussels -- pass it on!

Got something to say about copyleft licenses, compliance, or how companies and projects can collaborate on these topics? Submit a talk or discussion topic to in the few days!

Calling all owners: let's discuss the source code for the 'd parts of your car! Learn how to join the conversation with us at

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