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Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday, especially our speakers and volunteers! Conversations were bold, thought-provoking and constructive. We hope to post video in a few weeks.

Today's will be a friendly and inclusive event. We hope that everyone has a nice time today! (Pls. get in touch if you have any issues during the conference.)

♻️ Bradley Kuhn on innersource in FOSDEM DevRoom Community in ~4h 

Our Executive Director & Policy Fellow ( Karen Sandler & Bradley M. Kuhn) will speak at 14:00 in Janson at main track today about: "Open Source Won, but Software Freedom Hasn't Yet: A Guide & Commiseration Session for activists" at

Conservancy Founder and Technologist Bradley Kuhn speaks about the impact of Innersource on upstream contributions in the Community DevRoom today at 16:10 at

Our Director of Community Outreach @baconandcoconut speaks about Building Ethical Software Under Capitalism in the Community DevRoom today at 11:30.

Wow, it's already day two! We've got a stand in the K building on Level 2. Stop by, say hi, get some stickers!

Looking forward to seeing Stephen Walli discuss "Software Freedom in a Post Open Source World" where he'll be getting back to 1st principles at on Monday.

Have you heard that copyleft & business aren't buddies? It isn't true! Check out the "Copyleft in a Business Context" panel on Monday at

Enjoying @luis_in_brief in the debates today in Legal & Policy at ? Come hear more from him on Monday at , "Copyleft adoption curves: what drove adoption then (or now?)" (Make sure you have a ticket!)

Dear free software licensing enthusiasts & other pals! We have a very limited number of tickets left for Monday's so if you're planning to join us, buy your ticket today!

Are you coming to but have procrastinated buying your ticket? Registration on the morning of the event will be much faster for folks who have pre-registered. This is your nudge - pre-register & future you will be grateful on Monday.

Copyleft Expansion: What should -- and shouldn't -- be on the table?
🔥 This is gonna be a hot one. Buy your ticket soon to make sure you don't miss out.

We are very excited to see hear from Tony Sebro who is keynoting this year! Buy your tickets today to make sure you can sail right into the morning coffee/tea and first talk!

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