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Supporting Conservancy is an investment in the future of . Help us help more member projects, offer more services, and keep advocating for the issues that affect us all. Become a Supporter today!

Tomorrow's 1201 (DMCA) Hearings continue w/Aaron Williamson representing us in our request to permit testing, investigation, & correction of privacy issues. Tune in at 10:30 ET (you can watch via the browser, but there's still registration + captcha).

We're excited to cheer Pam Chestek on as she represents us in the Section 1201 (DMCA) Public Hearings on the Copyright License Investigation exemption request. You can tune in now (via the browser, but it requires registration and a captcha):

Installing modified software on devices is an essential software freedom guaranteed by & gives the . Denver Gingerich explains how GPLv2 protects this right. You 𝗱𝗲𝘀𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗲 “the scripts used to control…installation of the executable”!

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) gave its Award for Advancement of Free Software to Conservancy's Policy Fellow & Hacker-in-Residence, Bradley M. Kuhn. Bradley Kuhn's acceptance speech urged software freedom activists to “speak truth to power” & refuse to write proprietary software.

If you weren't among the 33,600 people 😮 at online this weekend, be advised: 100% for online conferences is production ready *today*. Say NO to any Zoom (or other proprietary software) online events from now on. Demand software freedom!

We did it! Whether it was $42, $120, $128, $512 or any other amount, your donation helps us continue our work to fight for software freedom!

The wonderful Jeremy Allison talks about how he got involved with , the and Conservancy. There's still one more day to donate to our fundraiser and we're so very close to our goal!

While we are out of Men's Medium, we're expanding the vintage T promotion for our final day! If you bring your Supporter donation to $256+ for the 2020 fundraising season (ends tomorrow!), you too can get a vintage T! act now, just about 24 hours left!

We interviewed Daniel Vetter
about why he chose to be one of this year's matching donors! (BTW we're very very close to meeting the match, you can help us push it over the top!)

"Doing a little good for the world is a great antidote for 2020 & contributing to Conservancy is one great little good you can do quickly & easily" Allison Randal on why she volunteers & donates! We have 4 days to raise $4,561, we can do it with your help!

"Free software is a perfect fit for education projects." We could not agree more! Read this interview with Bernat Romagosa, Kathy Giori and John Maloney of our member project !

Happy new year, friends! Thanks to you, we've achieved over 85% of our match goal! The remaining amount is now tantalizingly in reach... can we get there before our 1/15 deadline?

There's a UNIQUE opportunity in 2020 for tax deduction for USA donors, even for those previously unable to deduct! If you pay USA income taxes, make 501(c)(3) charity donations TODAY of at least $300: & is a great place to do that!

Everyone wants to know how developers working for companies can assure ethical behavior by their employer. @conservancy's Executive Director, @o0karen0o, proposes handling this problem in employment contracts, as part of our Contract Patch initiative:

Have you been wondering what these exemptions are all about and why organizations, including @conservancy, apply for them on the public's behalf? Conservancy Policy Fellow, Bradley M. Kuhn, wrote a brief summary of 17 USC §1201 (i.e., DMCA) & its temporary exemption process:

Conservancy filed yesterday three Long Form comments for our exemption requests: 1st exemption is for license violation investigation. 2nd for installing FOSS firmwares on wireless routers. 3rd for increase circumvention rights for privacy research

Is your old Conservancy t-shirt worn out? Do you want to get one of the last old-style vintage t-shirts so you can look old school Conservancy? We have just a few left, available to $512 or more donors. Join now at that level to get one! Details at:

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