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all i want for xmas is Microsoft Teams private channels. πŸŽ…πŸ»

me (jan-nov): i need this, this, this, etc...

family: what do you want for xmas?

me (dec): cant think of anything.

don't sell your handmade earrings on the company Slack channel. not profess.

OH: "How do I remove all of the flashy pictures? It's very distracting."

me: do you use Discord?

coworkers: oh yeah, it's the most used voice server for gamers.

me: i don't game. i just make bots. πŸ€–

MS Teams in-app preview links are about 999 characters too long for me.

what non-work code project did you work on this holiday weekend?

let holiday = {
message: {
a: "Happy",
b: "Thankgiving"

let {a, b} = holiday.message

console.log(a + ' ' + b)

I have a both an iMac πŸ–₯ and a MacBook Pro πŸ’» on at my desk, but I catch myself looking at my iPhone πŸ“±.

i need to make an app to rake my leaves. πŸ‚

feel like if i allow the chick-fil-a app to send me notifications, ill gain 10 lbs.

when you’re old, you code from a screen share on your iPad while in bed.

learning a new code base is like the first 6 months of dating. everything is fun and exciting until the 6th month then you want to do something different.

you know you’re old balls when you code at home while drinking a diet dr. pepper with a straw.

Tootizens! Don't hide behind your favorite anime character or animal illustration. You're all beautiful! 🀳

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