homebrew please dont wipe my config settings again, thank you.

does mastodon.technology only have 20 toots in the last 24 hours?

"A mmWave signal can be blocked by buildings, trees, and even your hand. MmWave doesn't work well in the rain or fog, and the ~60GHz chunk of this spectrum can actually be absorbed by oxygen."

instead of figuring out why my Ubuntu box is not using the 32GB left on the 60GB SSD, im just going to swap it for a 250GB.

fight me.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas from Mast 馃巹馃巺

To celebrate, Mast is 40% off today only!


and good luck activating your Apple products this morning. 鈱氾笍馃摫馃捇馃枼 鈥

all i want for xmas is Microsoft Teams private channels. 馃巺馃徎

me (jan-nov): i need this, this, this, etc...

family: what do you want for xmas?

me (dec): cant think of anything.

don't sell your handmade earrings on the company Slack channel. not profess.

OH: "How do I remove all of the flashy pictures? It's very distracting."

me: do you use Discord?

coworkers: oh yeah, it's the most used voice server for gamers.

me: i don't game. i just make bots. 馃

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