Looks like I was able to migrate to just in time for game night! Now I just hope it works correctly 😂

My migration to Arch on my main work computer is complete. Lets see how this Windows admin does.

Illness may have prevented me from getting out this weekend and kept me home from work for two days, but I channeled my time into rest/productivity!

✅ Configure pfblockerng to blackhole ads and malicious sites

✅ Finish configuring borg backups on my laptop to sync to my primary computer via syncthing

✅ Begin work on implementing a router-level VPN and firewall rules to conditionally some traffic through the VPN, and the rest through the ISP

✅ Begin work on lightweight VirtualBox VMs for web browsing

Protect your schedule, including the empty time.



Have some time before the fam is home. Time for some Warframe 🤖

A work-in-progress, open-source, multi-player city simulation game in Rust


I've heard how social media makes people depressed because they see so many others post positive things, but of course that's filtered because we'd tend to be less likely post negative.

So we see social media and think wow my friends are mostly positive why do I have problems.

I've also seen people think they have to always be working on something (I feel this too.) I think it's social media again. We see so many others post their accomplishment but what we don't see is years of experience that helped that and the months that went into that project.

Effectively this is all a sort of emotional DDoS we subject ourselves to.

I don't have any solutions, just those thoughts.

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