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I'm not sure if Mastodon is the next thing or a bridge to the next thing or maybe in six months this all falls apart and we're back on Twitter. But it feels like the right sort of concept at least. And for now that will do.

The whole idea of social media as some town square to solve the worlds problems coming from both Musk and Dorsey is completely bizarre. When was the last time we resolved a societal issue or had an actual substantive global debate on Twitter that went well?

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I feel like the thing Twitter isn't getting that Mastodon does is... I don't want to go onto social media to have trial by idea combat. I want to talk about hobbies and technology and share dumb memes and relax. Musk is throwing a tantrum about people leaving because they don't like "free speech", but he doesn't understand what social media is supposed to be or why people like being on it.

This is not good for productivity... instead of having to fire up my PowerMac 9500, I can open in a browser and play Marathon.

New macOS update includes a beta OS for the Apple Studio Display :cateflip:

If you’re a newcomer to, we’re glad you’re here!

If you’re an ongoing m.t active user, please consider supporting the server on Patreon if you can. I just bumped up my support level. Let’s help make sure this community can continue to be available as an alternative to Twitter.

"...if you think that, by taking the “public square” private and consolidating control even further, Musk will somehow uphold free expression and protect democracy, you will be disappointed."

It's interesting watching the Federated feed get more and more overwhelming. Healthy amount of traffic but I wonder how long the Federated feed will work as a feature at this rate. Good problem to have though.

Wish Apple had a way to remote deploy/debug from Xcode to another Mac. Building and debugging on a test 1.2 ghz MacBook Air is not fun.

One annoying thing about Metal: Apple doesn't seem to have updated all their guides to account for Apple Silicon. Or at least they provide inconsistent guidance. One document says to use private buffers to improve performance. Then this one says don't use private buffers on macOS. But then it's not clear why private buffers would offer an advantage on iOS only if the GPU is the same.

Theres also been no mention of a Catalyst version or iOS Apps on Mac support - which just seems like an additional snub of Apple's whole strategy.

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Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal for PC, but seemingly not for Mac. But it is coming to iOS. Despite iOS and Mac being mostly the same.

Continuing trend of Mac gaming getting thrown under the bus even when there is no clear reason for it. It's not even a "well theres no Metal port." It's on iOS.

Feeling the loss of the GIF picker 😞

But we get a cat picker now :catto:

Am I missing something like a setting or IAP? Or can one not post images to Mastodon with the default client from the App Store?

Onboarding feels like a weakness of Mastodon. It works really well for choosing a specific group of people to share interests with. But for some groups the number of choices could be overwhelming. Also thinking about professional services, news organizations, etc. And then teaching people the difference between local and federated is overhead.

But in the meantime I'm liking the tech focused feed I get on my local server.

The best part about mastodon, is that I can freely tell anyone to go sit on a cactus.

I think @marioguzman is already talking about writing an open source Mac native Mastodon client. Would also be happy to contribute as time permits!

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