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Nothing like a sudden unexpected freezer thaw to really spice up a day

@steveriggins I don't know if I could ever convince my wife to go on a cruise, but I'm very jealous of relaxed vacations that involve a lot of food. 😆

@steveriggins Yeah - the nice thing about something like Combine is that it's all just easily visible data. You can supply things - like date streams - with whatever values you want. It can be like supercharged mocking.

@steveriggins Combine and functional programming in theory makes things easier, but it's still a mental shift

For reference: I started in a place where my desktop Radeon 5700 was consistently beating my M1 Max MacBook Pro. Now, after careful optimization, I have M1 Max running almost twice as fast. I'm optimizing shaders and setting up some memoryless textures, but otherwise not going deep into tile memory mechanics. Not bad!

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I worry a bit if the Mac has to rely more on stuff like WINE in the future. Apple Silicon is a really different kind of GPU - and translating software meant for traditional discrete GPUs may not always offer the best performance. Also who knows what the future of Rosetta is.

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I'm actually starting to be really impressed by the performance of M1 Max, but it took a while to get the Metal port of Myst Online/Plasma to that point. Apple Silicon has tile memory, but no VRAM, and bandwidth to main memory is limited. Tons of work on tweaking shaders to reduce accidental bandwidth usage was required. Time consuming process, which I'm not sure a lot of devs would go through. It's not necessarily incompatible with also supporting discrete GPUs though.

@thaddeus Moderate also feels like a problem. Fediverse at least adds some pressure to moderate because troublesome instances will start getting blocked. I wonder if a commercial instance could charge something dumb like 99 cents a month for entry as a proof of stake-y sort of thing. Trivial for actual users. Expensive when trying to set up thousands or tens of thousands of bots.

@thaddeus Maybe! I wish I knew. Ads also feel controversial but maybe would be required to make money as an actual business. Maybe pay to remove ads? Technical users would probably never bother, but maybe people looking for something more Twitter-y would be interested in a big ol' instance.

@thaddeus I think you can transfer servers relatively easily. It seems like a bit more overhead than your average user would be interested in, but it's possible. I'm kind of bummed this sort of thing doesn't follow the Reddit model where I can follow multiple channels. But I suppose that comes with decentralization.

@steveriggins I mean the nice thing about Mastodon and the Fediverse is there is nothing stopping anyone from taking Mastodon and putting a new shiny front end on it, and then adding some sort of commercialization model. And then that specific implementation could be scaled up to handle at least it's own load. Could even be how the next Twitter is born.

@steveriggins Yeah. I don't know. And thats kind of why I'm hedging and saying I don't know is Mastodon is the next big thing. Federated services have their downsides, and the lack of a revenue stream makes things less predictable. Maybe we can get some bay area investors to help us build a commercialized service. :p

I'm not sure if Mastodon is the next thing or a bridge to the next thing or maybe in six months this all falls apart and we're back on Twitter. But it feels like the right sort of concept at least. And for now that will do.

@steveriggins I think somewhere there is actually something broken in his head where he doesn't understand why people are ditching Twitter.

The whole idea of social media as some town square to solve the worlds problems coming from both Musk and Dorsey is completely bizarre. When was the last time we resolved a societal issue or had an actual substantive global debate on Twitter that went well?

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I feel like the thing Twitter isn't getting that Mastodon does is... I don't want to go onto social media to have trial by idea combat. I want to talk about hobbies and technology and share dumb memes and relax. Musk is throwing a tantrum about people leaving because they don't like "free speech", but he doesn't understand what social media is supposed to be or why people like being on it.

This is not good for productivity... instead of having to fire up my PowerMac 9500, I can open in a browser and play Marathon.

@coryw @marioguzman I believe T2 will also act as an ISP if the Mac has a built in web cam. And that may be the same with AS Macs. An M1 Mac mini might not be able to do camera control of an external camera.

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