Dream game to port to the Mac: Katamari Damacy. Engine seems fairly low stakes, but it would be fun to play on a Mac and awesome at Retina resolutions.

Apple should really be reconsidering any Texas campus

@steveriggins Yeah. :( My take is the best thing to do is to start building content somewhere else so that the people who are going to be targets have someplace to land without losing community.

@steveriggins I feel for everyone thats going to try to stick around Twitter and resist. But thats also the trap. They want to turn it into a giant flame war trolling arena where everyone is fighting all the time. You can't out troll the trolls. Might as well get out and build again somewhere else.

@steveriggins I stopping using Facebook in 2015 and this feels like the exact same lead up. One reason I'm out so early.

I really don't like how Parallels is constantly trying to fill your Windows or macOS installs with more bloat, or is throwing up dialogs trying to sell you more bloat. I paid for this software. Stop spamming me with ads.

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I'm running Windows 11 via Parallels on my MacBook Pro and it feels like some weird forbidden thing every time I do it. (Maybe because the EULA technically forbids it.) Would love to have official support and VMWare Fusion back. Maybe even Boot Camp?

I haven't tried running the DX9 diagnostic tools I'm using to port Plasma yet. But that could be a whole "fun" compatibility thing to go down. Myst Online for Windows runs fine though. (My Metal port runs better!)

This might be controversial - but I kind of wish Mastodon had some sort of verification thing. Lots of bots cropping up that toot content, but I have no idea if they're official or not. Some bots say they're not official, but a lot just don't say anything.

Spending a few weeks at my parents in Seattle soon and want to take my VESA Studio Display with me. But I don't want to bolt an arm to a desk. Any good VESA mount traditional stands anyone would recommend?

My guess is people will have mixed feelings about relays that republish Twitter accounts into Mastodon - but boy has it done a lot to relay in some accounts I've been missing and make this place feel a lot more like home.

It's interesting to watch people come up with new ideas for Mastodon, think "oh well if someone did that they'd probably have to fork an instance or the software", and then realize that's a feature of Mastodon and not a problem.

Okay quite a few are interested, so I posted random thoughts here: gist.github.com/BigZaphod/6a2e

I didn't want to spend the time to turn it all into a "proper" blog post as I'm not exactly making any strong arguments, really. This is just more like a list of observations and a few stray thoughts about ideas that I'm sure aren't unique or new. 🙂

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