Apple News link if you're like me and you don't have a direct WSJ subscription -

@colincornaby if he lets those abusive people back on in the name of “free speech”, I am going to have to seriously curtail my usage because I don’t want to support an abusive platform let alone help make him more rich.

@steveriggins I stopping using Facebook in 2015 and this feels like the exact same lead up. One reason I'm out so early.

@steveriggins I feel for everyone thats going to try to stick around Twitter and resist. But thats also the trap. They want to turn it into a giant flame war trolling arena where everyone is fighting all the time. You can't out troll the trolls. Might as well get out and build again somewhere else.

@colincornaby yeah it sucks that the people who behave like assholes are rewarded while the people who behave well have no agency other than the exhaustive task of blocking and muting.


@steveriggins Yeah. :( My take is the best thing to do is to start building content somewhere else so that the people who are going to be targets have someplace to land without losing community.

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