I feel like the thing Twitter isn't getting that Mastodon does is... I don't want to go onto social media to have trial by idea combat. I want to talk about hobbies and technology and share dumb memes and relax. Musk is throwing a tantrum about people leaving because they don't like "free speech", but he doesn't understand what social media is supposed to be or why people like being on it.

The whole idea of social media as some town square to solve the worlds problems coming from both Musk and Dorsey is completely bizarre. When was the last time we resolved a societal issue or had an actual substantive global debate on Twitter that went well?

@steveriggins I think somewhere there is actually something broken in his head where he doesn't understand why people are ditching Twitter.

@colincornaby Another factor is they don’t seem to understand how the design of the system influences how it’s used. Dorsey missed so many opportunities to rein in the worst of Twitter and the best aspects of the service were mostly invented by the users themselves.

@colincornaby Goes to show that him and the corporations are out of touch on what social media users truly want, which to be fair, can vary immensely.

@colincornaby@mastodon.technoly If anything twitter has made a lot of things a lot worse.

@colincornaby In Ender's Game, I believe 😜
Are there any official numbers or good estimates of how big this user exodus is?

@colincornaby Twitter isn’t a town square; it’s a shopping mall. And you’re not even the customer, you’re what’s on display.

@colincornaby This, so far fedi is a lot more civil, it feels like people are here for actual fun, instead of whatever reason we're all on other social media platforms.

@colincornaby he can't comprehend that this might be the push people needed to return to using social media to enjoy themselves. Rather than feeling obliged to check in through places that aggressively dominate the Internet, owned by billionaires using them to turn profit off of the need to use their platform to stay in touch with friends and family.

Tried using masto before & didn't really get it. Gotta say the welcoming and tips being shared have made it easier this time.

@colincornaby no you're wrong, you have to debate with nazis about your right to exist on social media /s

@colincornaby Well, I like to have ideas and political debates, but I don't like having an algorithme throwing the most violent and offending tweets at my face on my timeline. This is one of the reason why I'm going to use more and more Mastodon and Diaspora. No shitty algorithm and since there are much less people there, debates are less susceptible to spiral down into shitstorms.

@simon @colincornaby Well, I have learnt of it pretty recently. Only 4 years ago. And I started using it, but just little by little and only occasionally. Now, I'm thinking of making it one of my main social network plateform. I found a nice instance not too far from where I live!

I think the trolls and misinformationists are going to have a field day when Musky takes over.

"Free Speech" my eye

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