So, it looks like we can now run containers on Postgres.

This is either brilliant, crazy or both

A few weeks back, my young daughters asked me if there was a name for the smelly liquid that a skunk produces, and I, with a totally straight face, told them it was called Elon Musk. They changed the subject quickly after that so I never clarified that I was joking. Secretly hoping they tell their friends and this catches on 🤞

My first job out of college in 2003 was working as sort of an IT specialist/software engineer hybrid at $BIG_BOX_RETAILER's main office. I guess you'd call it a DevOps position today.

One of the projects I worked on was rolling out wifi to many of our stores (yup I'm old). At the time we used WEP encryption which uses a random 26-character hex string as a key instead of a password.

I still have that 26 character hex string burned into my brain and can recall it on command. What the hell is wrong with me?

If you're planning to bring your Apple ARM-based laptop with incredible battery life to the local hipster coffee shop…

…make it the eMate 300.

for anyone hearing about TerraUSD (aka UST) for the first time, did the most suspiciously-timed episode earlier this week explaining it. worth 30 minutes of your time for sure!

Today is a good day to stay away from social media as a whole, see you in a bit

US Politics 

The US has a right wing party and a christian white supremacist party. If people don’t realize this soon enough, all is lost. Dems clearly aren’t doing enough.

If the leaked draft opinion holds, Alito is going to write "It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives."

So, President Biden and the >50% of congress that aren't traitorous scum, let's listen to Justice Alito and DO SOMETHING about it!

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I think it's high time for sustained mass protests. A good list of demands to start with would be:

1) A reasonable federal minimum wage of $20/hour or higher;
2) A comprehensive federal voting rights and anti-gerrymandering bill;
3) A federal law affirming a woman's right to choose what she does with her own body.

I've voted mostly Democratic in the past but at this point I only vote for them because they appear to not want to turn the country into fucking Gilead. Maybe it's time for a new major party.

Hi, Democratic politicians, you currently have the presidency and a majority both chambers of congress. You don't seem to be, uh, doing too much of anything. Women are about to lose the right to choose what to do with their bodies in much of the country. What are you going to do about it? Why haven't you been talking about this already and drafting legislation to end the stupid bounty laws in Texas and elsewhere? What the actual fuck?

Elon Musk has the maturity level of a 13 year old boy, and his company's cars, while pretty, are increasingly overpriced and still not self-driving, after half a decade of promises.

Super excited to not be along for the ride on Twitter as he runs it into the ground.

Also, hellooo fediverse! I've been gone for a bit. Going to try to post more often.

Completed my collection! (Sort of. No vol 4 stuff. I want to wait til it’s complete before buying the paper version)

Does anyone else think it's a bad idea to make a wallet that attaches with magnets to the back of your phone? Like... a wallet... where credit cards go? Next to a ring of magnets? 🤔

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